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Zaphir Chimes Sound Healings and Sound Baths

Zaphir Chimes are known for their perfect acoustic qualities and their warm timbre and crystalline sounds.  They are also very skillfully crafted sound healing and sound bath instruments created by exceptionally talented artisans in France. They are made from thin crushed and pressed layers of long fiber celluloid board. Each chime, when held with subtle movements gives its own unique combination of sounds and a mysterious capacity to deliver sound healing effect to the listener. The tubes are beautifully crafted and given a smooth finish that helps the sound to carry charming healing sounds across the room and thus positively effect the meditating listener. 

Each instrument has 8 metal cords of different lengths, welded with silver into a metal ring. Upon assembly, the cords are again carefully tuned to refine the interaction of tones and overtones into a continuous flow of harmonies. The proportions of the resonance-tube coincides with the ‘Golden Ratio’ principles of Da Vinci, thus assuring optimal sound and resonance.

During a personal or group sound healing and sound bath experience at Affinity Transformations expect to be exposed to sound landscapes that utilize sacred sounds that are complementary to these beautiful chimes such as the 40" Lava Gong, the 40" Grotta Sonora Gong, the full array of Tibetan Singing Bowls and the Monsoon Rainmaker.