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The Benefits of a Sound Bath

Have you ever turned on peaceful music and then sit back and close your eyes? If so you might have consciously let the effects of the music really hit your mind, emotional body and spirit. Most people seem to know what it’s like to be touched emotionally or spiritually by a favorite song or intentional music. 

When a sacred sound such as one that comes from a singing bowl or gong is played the sounds are a form of energetic harmony that fills the room and then has contact with the individual that is receiving. In this circumstance there are many benefits. As harmonious sound fills the room, it also hits the nerve endings on the surface of the bodies that are present. These nerve endings allow for the effects of this vibration to penetrate into the brain and body. 

As the body contains a vast system of electromagnetic energy flows that play through the synaptic gaps between the many cells of the body, non harmonious energy patterns are changed by the harmonious patterns that the sound blessing produces. 

As an aura seer that has been watching the benefits of a sound blessings, I have noticed that the energy fields clear, become very smooth and expand.

Due to the ground breaking work of Physicist Albert Einstein in the earlier part of the last century, it is a well known scientific fact that the physical body is fundamentally pure energy. Energy patterns and flows can be detected in and around the body by various modern scientific tools. The energy field in and around the body is an increasingly important dimension of the full picture of a human being. I encourage you to include this style of awareness along with vibrational medicine in your healing and awakening journey. 

Click on the following links for a youtube short on the nature of Jeremy's Gong Sound Bath and Sound Healing Work and also click on the calendar for the next sound healing event at Affinity Transformations Healing and Awakening Space. 

A Personal Sound Bath Testimonial

See a sample video of a Personal Sound Bath experience and testimonial from Iva, an enthusiastic participant who absolutely loved the peaceful feelings and the great vibrations. 

Crystal Chimes

Hand made Crystal Chimes add a beautiful effect when receiving a sound healing or sound bath. Especially when played with the tones of the Crystal Singing Bowls and the Vibe Drum

Vibe Drum

Jeremy's rhythmic talent combined with an intentionally crafted sound healing and sound bath instrument such as the Vibe Drum is a meditators delight.

Zaphir Chimes

The complex harmonies and timbre sounds of an array of Zaphir Chimes play beautifully with the larger gongs in a sound healing and sound bath session experience. 

Grotto Sonora Gongs

The Grotto Sonora Gongs are not only beautiful to look at they add so much effect to the soothing sound compositions within a sound healing and sound bath experience.