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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

Events Calendar - Sound Baths, Reiki, Auras, Intuition and more...

Sound Bath with Crystal Singing Bowls, Gongs and more

Experience a full variety of sounds that are universal vibrational gifts for healing and meditation. Share about your awakening Journey and connect with others. 

Every 1st Sunday at 12:00pmSaturday

February 24 at 7pm

Saturday, March 16 at 7pm

Reiki Sharings

Come along if you are new or an existing practioner. Every 1st Sunday from 6pm to 8:30pm.

Madison Sound Collective Sound Bath

You can also call it a Sound Meditation. We are so excited to share our gifts with you every 3rd Sunday at 6:30pm. 

*For the months of June, July, Aug and Sept we are performing at Picnic Point. 

Free Aura and Reiki Awareness Class

Jeremy shares the story of Auras as patterns shift and change when Reiki Healing is given.
Every 1st Sunday from 5:00pm to 6pm. 

Sound Bath and Gratitude Discussion

Experience a full variety of sounds that are universal vibrational gifts for healing and meditation. Discuss and get support for gratitude practice. 

Every 4th Monday at 7:00pm.

Aura Detangle Class

Join us for a series of discussions with intentional practices that help you to untangle your energy field. Every class focuses on a new topic. Every 2nd Wednesday at 7pm. Online or In-Person. 

Every Second Sunday at 7pm unless otherwise announced.

Chanting and Song as Meditation

Certain sounds or mantras are intentional technologies for healing and awakening. Join us for a night of high vibration fun and celebration

Every 2nd Wednesday at 7:00pm.

Reiki Attunements

Events present as announced. 

Reiki Level 1 Attunement

Saturday, January 27 and 28 - 3 hours each day

Reiki Level 2 Attunement - Saturday, March 2 from 3:15p m to 6:15pm

Experience Channeling

Channeling is a powerful and unique pathway to healing and awakening. This event presents as announced. Our next event is occuring on Sunday, February 25 at 7p and Sunday March 31 at 7pm.

Free Gratitude Circle at Madison Central Library

Every 2nd Monday at 7pm

Free Reiki Intro - Online Facebook

Wednesday, February 21 at 7pm - 1 hour