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40" Grotto Sonora Gong Sound Healings and Sound Baths

Affinity Transformations offers an experience of two types of Grotto Sonora Gongs. On this page we are focusing on the larger 40" gong creation. See also article on the 32" Grotto Sonora Harp Gong. You are invited to experience a personal or group sound healing and sound bath for yourself. 

Grotta Sonora Gongs are Made in Italy and are a collaboration between musicians and artists Madhava Carrara and Margherita Cioffi. The Grotta Sonora Collection also includes experimental instruments called Cosmo Plates, Harp Gongs, Harp Bowls, Sitting Bowls, Vimana, and others.

Grotta Sonora translates to "sound cave" in Italian, and these gongs and instruments were literally born in a cave (grotta) on their property north of Rome, Italy in a village called Calcata. Madhava and Margherita house many of their instruments in their grotta where they host sound healing sessions.

You have the amazing opportunity to experience the vast array of beautiful vibrations and cosmic sounds that this very unique instrument creates while being played by Jeremy's skilled hand.  Tools such as various sized mallets and rubbing flumes make it this sacred sound healing and sound bath instrument a powerful and blissful trigger that will assist you to discover the sublime and the great reality that lies within.