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Frequent Reiki Questions

This page is a work in progress. Please feel free to look it over and email your questions. I will work to answer you and our correspondence will be considered for this page. 

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When is the next Reiki Level 1 or Level 2 Reiki Attunement?

Congratulations! You are being called to be a Reiki Healer and to discover the healing power in trust and the fact that healing comes from the super super intelligent, powerful and everywhere present Universal Life Force Energy. Look on the calendar for the next Reiki Level 1 Attunement or Reiki Level 2 Attunement that fits your stage of development. If you are unable to attend the next one or two dates on the calendar please feel free to ask to work out a date or dates that fits your schedule. Reiki Attunements are scheduled on weekends as that is when most people are available. Generally it will be easier to schedule a Reiki Attunement on a weekend that correlates with the first, third or fifth Sunday of the month. As Reiki Master Classes and Reiki Teacher Certifications present less frequently it is recommended that you contact us to find dates that fit your schedule. 

What is the difference between a Reiki Level 1 Attunement and a Reiki Level 2 Attunement?

In a Reiki Level 1 Attunement you receive the foundation work of healing and it consists of 6 hours of class time that utilizes two consecutive days. The Attunement or blessing component helps your crown chakra and energy body get used to transmitting Universal Life Force Energy. This basic class is a great way to learn the basics of what it takes to trust the energy, create a great energy space for your 'Healee', understand more about how energy patterns work in an energy healing, create a successful Reiki practice and to align to a wisdom and sense of truth that heals and transforms. 

In the Original Method a Reiki Level 2 Attunement is given 21 or more days after the first one. An attunement is about the integration of the whole being and in its highest integrity it is also about slowing down and letting the energy teach the healer at its pace rather than the healers own pace. This can help to reduce the willful attitudes that can pinch the flows of The Universal Life Force Energy, aka Reiki.  you receive a next level of energy attunement. It also honors the pace in which the deeper levels of the human energy field evolves. The class is 3 hours long and it includes a next level of blessing on the crown chakra and on the overall energy field. The aspiring healer learns symbols that are meant to focus the energy and to do absentee Reiki treatments. Absentee healings are a great way to send energy to healees at any distance. Jeremy offers Reiki healing work to individuals who live at any place in the world. The Universal Life Force, aka Reiki is works at any distance. 

Which book should I read in order to prepare me to understand Reiki?

Reiki is a touch healing modality. It is one of the simplest forms of energy healing as it is about trust and transmission of healing energy. It helps to know that it was originally taught that the greater reality that Reiki comes from will never fit into written words and that the ability to heal effectively was to be given directly from a qualified Reiki Master in person and in a direct way. It is recommended that you find a way to experience the energy of Reiki for yourself and to ask yourself intuitively if you are feeling the call from your spirit to become a reiki practitioner. My Reiki Master shared these very thoughts on this matter therefore I have never read any book on the topic of Reiki. There are great books that would help you understand the nature of energy and consciousness.  I recommend "Power Vs Force" by Dr. David Hawkins. 

How does Reiki work?

While many individuals experience great healing benefits from receiving and practicing Reiki there is plenty of evidence that it is a very powerful tool for issues that present on mental, emotional, spiritual or physical levels. Reiki practitioners with both short term and long term experiences have always had to come to terms with the fact that one will ultimately not know how it works. For a time it is useful to imagine that energy comes through a willing practioner from the source of life that resides from above. See video on how Reiki Healing works.

Why are Reiki Level 1 and Level 2 Attunements given as separate classes?

Reiki Level 1 Attunements are a great way to make sure that an individual is plugged into the Reiki field in the sky and that the crown chakra and overall energy field is fully acclimated to being utilized by the life force energy.  It is wise to let this take time. Healing and spirituality are territories where an individual is encouraged to slow their system down and discover a simple and true alignment to a trust style of being. Jeremy uses the original standards for his Reiki Attunements as he spent over 20 years with early pioneers in the Reiki community. The original form of Reiki stressed the importance of waiting atleast 21 days before participating in the second Reiki Attunement. Reiki Level 2 is a separate intentional opportunity that will attune the particpants crown chakra and overall energy field to the next level of connection to the Reiki Field in the sky. Reiki Level 2 is an opportunity to become acquainted to using power symbols and to doing absentee healing. Give yourself the gift of deep exploration and discovery of these opportunities.  See video presentation on this topic.

I have heard of different styles of Reiki. How do I choose which style will work best for me? 

Reiki as a Japanese term means Universal Life Force Energy. It is the force that is behind all of life. I am grateful to have been given an emphasis based on the principal that states that a more advanced practitioner is really good at trusting the Universal Life Force Energy. I believe that giving energy to new styles or innovations of the basic method can distract one from understanding what a more authentic form of development really is. Reiki naturally comes from the unlimited source that animates all things. The unlimited reality of the life force can't be improved upon. It's already that which animates all things. in my classes I create a setting where one is given assistance to discover the power in the 'trust' mindset and heart space. I really recommend choosing someone who has this style of focus rather than taking a path that sells an improvement on the basic Reiki practice. Trust the everywhere and always present Universal Life Force that animates all of life.  There is nothing more powerful than it. To me, any energy given to new style, alternative style, better school, lesser school or more special school is to likely to distract a student or a healer from the heart of healing work. 

I do not see Auras. Will that make me a less powerful Reiki Practitioner? 

I see Auras very well. I love to tell stories about how the energy shifts and what makes shift happen. I really know from watching energy in and around various people that the more useful healer is the one who knows that Reiki otherwise known as The Universal Life Energy is in charge and allowing this reality and trusting it is the most important thing in the process. In other words the more powerful Reiki Practitioner is not necessarily the most psychic one. It's really the person who can relax and let the energy do its work. I knew a very gifted Aura Seer and Psychic many years ago. The barriers to his effectiveness were many simply because there was such a focus on the third eye that any focus on being a willing vessel for healing energy took that back seat. In other words, You do not need to see or pick up on auras to be a high quality antennae or a very willing vessel for flow of healing energy. 

My friend was taught that she needs to ask permission from spirit before she starts to run a Reiki treatment. What is that all about? 

This is a teaching that was added to various later forms of Reiki practices. The original form of Reiki never taught this. Think about all of the moments of inner decisions that it takes for a healee to be on the Reiki table you would trust the fact that the Reiki treatment is naturally due to happen. The healee has been thinking about signing up for a treatment for days months or weeks. Is it not inarguable that as signing up for a Reiki was a thought in mind or an extended period of time and that fact is a sign that spirit is behind the inspiration to be at the treatment in the first place? Let's think about this further. The healee has set up the appointment, they paid for it, they drove across town, they walked in the door and then they got on the table. If you think about how natural power is close to healing then it is obvious that it is time to trust the fact that both spirit and the healee's spirit has already given permission to do a Reiki treatment well before that moment on the Reiki table has even happened. 

Do I need to have a Reiki Attunement in order to do energy work?

I believe that it is helpful to understand that Reiki is a form of energy work. If you come to one of our Reiki Sharings, which is an open healing night where Reiki Practitioners have the opportunity to practice you will have the chance to experience a Reiki treatment. You will also be shown a basic energy work technique. We have had many individuals practice energy work at our Reiki Sharings for many months or even more than several years. My view is that they benefit because they are exposed to a healing mindset and an energy field where energy healing is done from allowing for the natural flow of energy. I really love to offer an environment where an individual can discover how powerful it is to allow energy rather than push it or to cease interrupting it through have a lot of ideas about how energy healing should look. While participants are in the process of showing up to one or more Reiki Sharings they encouraged to take their energy healing practice to the next level and to sign up for a Reiki Attunement. To summarize, an individual can definitely do energy work without a Reiki Attunement. It is also highly recommended to get an Attunement from a dedicated and knowledgeable Reiki Master Practitioner Teacher. 

What is the value in doing a Reiki Attunement? 

If you are signing up for the first Reiki Attunement, you are about to dedicate a weekend to the level of vibration that the principals and the reality of Reiki naturally offers. You will be exposed to the energy for an extended period of time. This will help you become a more potent energy healer. This first step in the process also includes four sacred Reiki specific blessings that will be placed into the crown chakra. This will plug you into the Reiki field in the sky. During the weekend process you will have 3 hours of class on both Saturday and Sunday where you do Reiki treatments. While you do these treatments under the guidance of a qualified Reiki Master your crown chakra and your overall energy field will become more used to being an antennae for the vibrational intelligence that the Universal Life Force Energy provides. While there is exposure to understanding the reality of energy you will also be given the basic format and understandings on how to create a successful Reiki Practioner from a successful Reiki Practitioner. 

Should I do a Reiki Attunement online? 

While you are encouraged to follow your own inner guidance on which direction your path leads you owe it to yourself to do some research. I received my Reiki Level 1 Attunement over 35 years ago in person from two very dedicated healers. There were so many things that happened because of the fact that we were in person. I also was able to give Reiki Treatments during this weekend opportunity. I have taught many online classes and there are some lessons that cannot be given through an online interface. A Level 1 Reiki Attunement takes up a total of 6 hours and it traditionally includes hands on healing time. There is also a lot of instruction on how to start up and run a healing practice. I benefitted so much from the quality of my experience that I am called to make sure I offer the same to others. I highly recommend that you aim for a quality form of healing education that I was given and that I now offer. I have a very successful healing practice here in Madison, Wisconsin. You are welcome to consult with me if you have more questions about this dimension of your healing journey. 

I felt more benefits during a Reiki Treatment from my friend than I did from a very seasoned Reiki Master. Why was this so? 

There are so many factors that can be considered when you have a Reiki experience. For this situation, you might think about how your energy field has had plenty of opportunities to blend and get used to your friends energy field. While you and your friend have similar traits the energy can present in a more affirmative way. Over the years, I would recommend that a certain person works on a certain healee in a Reiki Sharing based on the energy dynamics. For instance, I might have a person who is good at public speaking work on a person who is very shy. The exposure to a strong trait can be transmitted to the healee in a Reiki Treatment. The seasoned Reiki Master that you worked with might have had stronger traits. It would be valid to see this Reiki Master a number of times with the intention to strengthen your own energy to match up with stronger traits. In summary, it is as valid to choose a person that you feel comfortable with as it is to choose someone who has traits that you would like to acquire. Lastly, we can also work at trusting the full variety of energy experiences that we have on the journey. 

How do I know that I need a Reiki Attunement? 

 There are many good reasons to get a Reiki Attunement. For me, I really wanted to learn some official things from very seasoned Reiki Master. I also knew that I would experience benefits in my energy field through the attunement process. It can be a challenge to stay balanced and attuned as an energy healer or as a Reiki Healer. The process of the attunement really helps this along. It's also very helpful to spend real time with the fact that the life force is more powerful if you are not pushing or trying to make healing happen from your own personal will. Letting Universal Life Force to do the healing work for you is a challenge that is much easier after a weekend at a Reiki level 1 Attunement. While there are specific reasons that draws individuals to doing the Reiki practice in a more official way ultimately it helps to trust the feeling that you are called to do it. There is not greater calling than turning up your light and offering to others in a very direct way. 

When I am doing Reiki will the negative energy of the person that I am working on have a negative energy effect me? 

The Attunement process naturally gives the gift of energetic resilience. A full weekend of Reiki class time is also a great way to develop a focus  that helps an energetically sensitive person to be free from the negative effects of the Reiki 'Healee'. When a Reiki Practitioner is giving energy she is in a high vibration energy space that can be viewed as being a source of light. If you imagine turning on a light switch while you are in a dark room how much power does the darkness have? The light simply makes it impossible for the darkness to exist. I have also found it very helpful to have the  axiom "I am only subject to what I hold in mind" at the forefront of awareness. As energy follows thought you can be sure that limited thinking creates limited results. Be sure that a more unlimited way of thinking will create more unlmited results. 

Will I need to take off my watch, necklace, belt and other similar items when I am receiving a Reiki Treatment?

While it might feel natural for you to do so, it's also important to discover the power in what you hold in mind. In other words, if you believe that the energy will flow less with your belt or watch on your person it definitely will. The emphasis I teach is about learning about your power and to make sure that you discover the value in how you think. In an individual Reiki session with me, be ready to receive various forms of mindset coaching and feedback on how mindsets shifts your energy. 

I heard that Reiki practitioners often dump the negative energy from the healee on the floor. Does this negative energy affect people as they walk through that space?

Energy often builds up on the Reiki practitioners hands. This is energy that is no longer needed as the person on the Reiki table is healing and going into a higher vibration. In the same way that the forest floor receives dead leaves on the forest floor the ground energer in a healing space uses the excess energy from a healing session. At Affinity Transformations we also have an in depth education process based on how energy responds to mindsets. If a person is told that the negative energy on the floor will hurt the person in that space, then it will. Think of the axiom, "What I hold in mind tends to manifest". Lessons such as this are also given during a Reiki Attunement and in any Thought Mechanics or Aura Energy related class. 

Reiki Level 1 Attunements

This is a great way to discover the immense power in using a very simple technique. The true healers heart is all about trusting the lifeforce understanding that turning up your light is the highest possible calling that one can have. 

REiki Level 2 Attunements

This is a great way to connect to the fact that there is no such thing as distance in spiritual reality. The Healee can be any where in the world and the energy of Reiki will be delivered. Learn patterns that focus energy as you do healing sessions for others.  

Reiki Sharing

This is a great way to get a first experience of Reiki. Reiki Sharings are ongoing and are also a great way for Reiki Practitioners to develop and to give Reiki treatments to a full variety of people. 

Reiki Treatments

Booking a personal Reiki session with Jeremy  is a great way to discover the value of this style of healing and to get a sense of how this style of healing is done by a very seasoned and dedicated professional. 

Free Reiki and Aura Awareness Class

Jeremy will share lessons that lead to experiential discoveries of the Universal Life Force Energy. it often helps to hear stories about how energy fields shift and evolve. This will inspire you to explore the Reiki healing practice with more vigor and greater intention.