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Sound Bath Medicine

A Sound Therapy and Shamanic Journey

Poem by Jeremy Anacker

I decide to stop and rest. As I intend to be more present, I also sober up to the energies that are really in my gut. I find pain from a lifetime of practiced unconscious mind that's been enamored by thoughts and attitudes that are of the darkness. I find evidence of both the pain body and areas of trauma where the body has kept score. 

The many levels of limitation in my life began from within and also began in the womb. Arguments, chemicals and various forms of disruption from young parents in the late 60's created a womb environment where there was both ecstatic cellular growth and the seed of belief that things are not ok, the world is not ok and that I am not ok. Later these seeds of belief formed into long periods of time where I experienced the perception that life is hell. As I face these energies and make compassionate space for them they begin to unpack.  Cleansing tears roll down my face. I feel a break in energetic weight in my emotional, mental and auric body that has been holding my being down and in shackles. 

As I feel raw, I feel an energetic breaking on many levels of who I am, my energy self. As I feel the break, as I feel vulnerable and raw, I softly strike my Lava Gong an ultimate sound bathing tool. Striking with a mallet is cathartic and therapeutic. A feeling of energetic sound power ensues. The rumbling sound is a portal to the moment and a greater reality all at once. Big sound energy fills the room and touches my skin. I sit in the sound as if it were a profound bath of healing energies. I begin to taste the capacity to transcend. 

Zaphire Chimes from France with a rich timbre sound creates therapeutic complexity of tones and vibrational color. I close my eyes, the sound patterns present like hundreds of charming prompts to be with celestial friends. Again, in the energy I bathe, in an ever more conscious way. 

A compassionate space is made for how the body remembers childhood neglect. I discover that I needed to be held more than I was as somehow an iron string of deep knowing is plucked from the core of the sacral chakra. My body energy shudders with black and blue emotional color. The knowing that I was bruised in so many ways brings a swell of tears. A crushed feeling of a soul with unmet needs presents completely. I pluck the strings on my Gong Harp. Each pluck, encourages more awareness of what needs to be released. The sound speaks and my sacral chakra listens. I rest completely in the sound bath and the rhythmic sound nudges from the Gong Harp that I have created. 

I grab my mallet. The ancient thumping sound of the gong aspect of the Gong Harp therapeutically massages the pain and helps it to dissipate into the energies of the room. In an even more conscious way, I embrace the sound bath that my playing creates. I consciously let it teach me to let go and to be free. 

My mallet thumps the 40" Grotto Sonara Gong. I bathe in its grand and tonal sound. Remnants of the energies that I have just faced off present. They seem like 1,000 dark pebbles on the floor of a fountain. The floor of my sacral chakra. You could say they feel like pebbles doused with black tar. The energy from the gong is like the water spray. The water moves and encourages further liberation. Again, I rest and work to consciously allow for the vibrations to give a bath of sound. I allow for the sound to take me into an ever more free state of being. The image of pebbles covered in dark pebbles dissolves and is replaced by sparkling bursts of energy. 

Bathing in the sound landscapes that I create during my own self induced private sessions grounds, calms, heals and dissolves. Healing in this way uses vibrational beauty to charm the aura energy into freedom spaces and this dismantles the hardness that comes from ego. It becomes easier to allow for suppressed and repressed energies to be released. These energies disperse and find their way through exit portals in the body, the meridians and the auric field. Again, I tell myself to rest and to bathe in the sacred sounds of a full variety of well-tuned instruments. When I give my self over to the sounds this work becomes so much more than just meditative therapy. It becomes the capacity to be completely whole. 

Making a Tibetan Singing Bowl vibrate to make a clear and consistent sound takes practice. When I hit the tone where there is no rattle or bumping sound the singing sound vibrates throughout the room. On countless occasion I have played this sound for a quick vibrational bath to set the tone for a dialogue or discourses. I close my eyes and get ready to play it for myself. I hang out with my own body energy, from toe to head. I relax and own any and all energetic weight, wobble, disruption or imbalance and prepare to surrender it all to the bath of sound that this true sounding bowl will play. Whatever needs clearing leaves my body. My mind soars on the healing tone and surrender becomes effortless. Sound healing becomes bathing and then it becomes a path that delivers the ability to abide in a state of forever. 

Bathing in a harmonious melody enlivens my mind. The luscious bright tones of my vibe drum, a high quality tongue drum is a rhythmic form of medicine. It often evokes a journey through images or encounters with ethereal teachings. An angelic guide might or a spirit animal such as an eagle or hawk might visit to give energetic medicine or transmissions of wisdom. I often bathe in every tone that this instrument produces. It soothes, it heal, it reminds me of the wholeness that lies within and all around. 

Amazing Sound Bath and Meditation Therapy

Sit on a comfortable chair, rest on a few yoga mats or sit on a meditation cushion as you allow for the sounds to penetrate your nerve endings on your skin. The sounds create a harmonious influence that shifts the electromagnetic energy in your body. 

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