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Knowing the Interwoven Reality

Rhammah – 3/28/2016 (1CD)

Channeled by Jeremy Anacker

Transcribed and edited by Diane Doughman

Chapter 1. Weaving


lattice work of creation

finely stitched together

all connected

strands as fine as angelic hair

genius at work

Woven together

in Love and Infinite Intelligence

You are of that weaving!

Poem by Katherine Keisch

(This special channeling was done the evening of Easter day.) (Several questions were asked, which will be noted.) Today is a day of resurrection, of bringing up the holy from its disappearance. So, we will focus on resurrecting the inner knowing. Be with inner knowing as a natural part of daily life, for it is your birthright to live in that awareness. From the time before time there is the reality of your divinity. That reality supplies the knowing we are talking about. So, be with that great reality now. Sit with both feet on the floor and look past the stories of self to the knowing of a master, the knowing of what you are. What you really are is of God, and heaven is to be with that core truth. (A participant had asked if the world really was created in seven days like the Bible myth states.) In a previous teaching we were discussing creation. First there was the Absolute that was being with itself. It was without substance, yet it was of infinite dimension and was infinitely composed of light, love, beauty and perfection. Then that powerful Source Energy, which was also a void, contemplated itself. It collapsed into various levels of form. Did it happen in seven of your days? Let’s say it occurred in a framework of time beyond your limited human conception.

The first little undulation in the great still ocean of Source was dimensionless, yet it infinitely had the potential of dimension. It contemplated itself in the very subtlest way, and that gave way to a movement. There was an adjustment in itself which moved forward little by little. In the very subtle realms of the universe, creation sought to see itself in greater density. Eventually rocks formed, and then came planets. For all of that to occur, there needed to be infinite space, and eventually a number of infinite spaces. And within the activity in those spaces were reflections of things which had already occurred in the subtle.

Within this progression from the subtle to the denser, the “gods in the sky” appeared. At first, they were just subtle shapes of different colors with different qualities peering out of the One Void. They would peek at each other and then disappear. Over time, they did that dance with greater and greater complexity, until there were many gods in the sky of many shapes and sizes. Some of those gods in the sky became part of tribal histories and various myths on your planet. They existed in various thought forms within the many religions on your planet. The gods you know of and more lived in the skies before your material world was fully formed. They had the thought to create a garden, and so they did.

So, are billions of years anything like seven days? To a godlike being yes, it is like seven days. It is a blip in eternity. Your garden story of creation is a metaphor. So, find a higher way of relating to such stories now that your understanding is expanded. Can you work diligently until you see all of this from a higher point of view? Know that everything about this material plane was once just a thought in the sky. And the human time perspective isn’t like celestial time. To a god, a blip in eternity can seem like seven days.

So, maybe the world was created in seven days. Why not give it a number and put it in a big book that informs a religion. The gods are always painting and experimenting in different ways. And those experiments include what you consider harm in your world. As humans there are real things you are given to work with. If those things tug at your heart, it’s alright. You can engage with that while you move beyond it by knowing you are out to live a larger strategy than just this life. (A participant had asked if Rhammah only channels through Jeremy, or if the Rhammah group works through or with others in other places.) Rhammah is part of the many great helpers around the planet. We are part of that network of helpers offsetting the many unhelpful entities. And we are in direct coordination with others like us rather than in communication. It works because with the capacity to know, many things are known automatically and instantly in the timing of creation.

There are various ways for this wisdom to touch down on this planet. This particular compilation only comes through this particular Host. However, we are integrally connected to many. As a conglomeration, Rhammah is also, in part, borrowed from other helpers and other networks. (The Rhammah masters have always explained that they are a group of entities.) We would say there is a lot of crossover in the celestial ethers which is not always fixed to a location. As humans you also have overlapping and sometimes mixed-up interactions with other people and institutions. It is like that up above, but it is a harmonious version of that. We are all connected.

The human in you might say, “The heck with that. How can I possibly believe that?” That thinking particularly kicks up when we ask you to resist nothing and to not ask for relief. You humans are good at being happy, but you know very little of the blind spots or of the areas of growth needed. These things will work out in the hundreds of years ahead. But in these teachings, there is the potential for acceleration where hundreds of years are no longer necessary.

To make that leap, you must look straight into your strategies. If there is desperation, and hunger, and neediness, then that is what to look at. That is what to own and present on the stage of life. Owning that helps you to see that God is also here. But the real “God of Your Being” is beyond needs. You must learn to move between those two factors, owning your human emotions, but somehow being that primordial openness, that deep mystery of true self. As you allow for both, know that the infinite ocean of love and its genius is backing you up. Its passion to evolve surrounds you. And serving that is such a thrill.

All of what occurs in your realm is creating a signal through everything. You are an ecstatic, electric signal because you are saying, “We are all of the Source.” That truth has life. So, are you going to live that truth? Live in that rather than trying to reform the world, rather than trying to make it right. Change happens at the pace it happens. Being a master can accelerate the process. But only through surrender will God be present and animate your actions and guide you to the vision that transforms. It is your job to be the willing presenter of that vision, to open up to it and be completely available for it.

(One of the participants has a partner who is in the process of dying. Questions were asked about this.) All you are going through is a beautiful painting in creation. Your beloved is going through a great change and so are you. You are facing the great portal of his life and eventually your life. It is a drama that is real from a human point of view. Do not deny it, for by being completely with it you are also with the gods, with the infinite sky and the original pulse of Source. The tension in the agony of shift is what gives forth the beauty. This is what it takes for life to discover new complexity and new creations.

That is a lot to think about. All of you will eventually transition to greater self-knowing and love. The field of divine love is infinite and all embracing. Let all your thoughts and emotions accept that loving energy. You are being held in love and every part of you is love. Every part of you is deeply accepted, including the secretive corners, the deep memories, and everything that’s in your auric body. Trust the divine loving quality at work within you.

The very source of creation is with you, and everything is born in the divine “Is-ness.” The discovery of this is a form of letting go, of acceptance. All that is emotional and personal is now being held in the light. Through acceptance you can discover the knowing where the lattice work of creation is tightly woven like angelic hair. And every hair is evidence of all intelligence. This weaving of life connects to everything. It is also right here. The genius of Source stitches and weaves together the whole dream. As you discover this primordial reality of Source, you will find yourself in the place before all questions where living is simple and automatic. In that reality, service to truth, allegiance to the higher good for all is automatically known.

This fine interwoven reality is in movement. With each movement another reality is stitched together. It creates a whole new pattern inspired by the previous and dancing into the next. It is all woven together in its love and infinite intelligence. It presents as the Allness in which everything is connected. You can surrender completely by accepting everything, just like Source accepts everything. And through that you can know God. There is no other way to be with God but through dedicated, loving embrace, through surrender and the devotion to be with God. And you are that. So go to the core of your being. Sit as still as you can right now and discover that knowing.

As you live in this knowing and the wind blows, your senses will be active. You will know that the blue sky and the clouds are right next to you. The farthest star is right here. When anything appears in time-space, infinity is the form of appreciation responding with itself through you. Go to this knowing. Be still and know. Go right to the Lord of Your Being. Say, “Dear Lord, reveal yourself. I surrender all to Thee. Lord of My Being, spirit within, God before all gods, reveal yourself now and present yourself completely so that I might present God in the realized form of a knowing master touching down on the planet Earth, touching down in the material world.”

Be in this mindset with every step, alive with the intent to bless humanity. Every movement is a movement dedicated to all of humanity. That is how great you are. You are all infinite beings of love and light presenting in physical form. And everything you do can be a way of generating energy in service to humanity. Be the blessing. Be the light. As a master say, “I trust the master is in me. In faith I know the Supreme Being, the God before all gods is in me.” And in that knowing I call on a joyous reality. I insist on being that now.

While living in this posture, turn towards those who have different ideals than you. Turn towards everything and face it like a master walking this walk, offering this reality. This is the invitation I give to you. Say, “I am an infinite being of love and light. I am an infinite being of love and light.” Completely own the reality of love and light as your own self. Move past the body, for there is only God in its Absoluteness. This is your birth right. Own it and be with it now.

As I leave, know you are all blessed brothers and sisters of Source. We are communicating on many levels with all of you. You are all loved immensely. We are with you like a mother is with her baby. We ask you to be with yourself in this same way, with infinite devotion, infinite forgiveness and infinite patience. Be with your brothers and your sisters in this way as well. Rhammah bids thee adieu.

High School Reunion

Rhammah – 07/30/2016

Channeled by Jeremy Anacker

Transcribed and edited by Diane Doughman

(A participant had asked for advice about attending a High School Reunion.)

When you have a vessel, and the wind blows just right, the vessel whistles. You as humans are vessels with advanced vocal chords. You have so many words and so much history. There is so much in your societies to reflect upon as you sit and explore. What is your purpose in all of that? In order to find your way, why not think of yourself as a vessel that can be worked on and worked with. You can evolve the vessel of your energetic body, and many of you have.

So, when you are amongst others, both your words and your energy sit in the room. The energy is a material just as your thoughts are a material. If you have evolved your vessel so that a certain truth can inhabit it, you have captured a higher quality of being. You are an individual connected to the many others at an event, and therefore you also are the many others. By mingling with creation you are enhanced. And as you are mingling, apply the process of your evolution as it relates to your human society.

In many situations you are offering some encouragement to the human next to you. They may be on an airplane or a bench, or in a gathering of old friends. You can talk to all of humanity by offering a little bit of wisdom to crack the great wall of ego which is in all humans. Collectively it all forms one wall which is the one ego of humanity. If your purpose is to be with the One Truth, then align yourself and find the resolve to act in ways that crack that ego. And you will each have your unique way of working on this through your own character traits.

(A participant had asked about a potential job change that was pending.)

Your next occupation will come in due time. So, use this waiting period to adjust the vessel of your being. Instead of going into a new circumstance as one who knows, go as a vessel embracing the Infinite. Move forward in the adventure evolving briskly, adjusting, and becoming liquid and clear. Have your purpose be alignment with the highest intent to relate, connect and encourage. Have your impact and challenge be one that integrates with other’s challenges. Think of yourself blending and allowing the potential new acquaintances and colleagues to inspire you to look into the inner self and give a higher response to the environment you are entering.

During this time of waiting, optimize yourself for greater harmony. What a great situation, to have a slow delivery to the next job. Look at yourself and adjust so there is a greater potential for understanding the next environment and your place in it. Sit as an open vessel and envision yourself becoming a contributor who works efficiently and practically. Now is the time to upgrade your intent and serve from the Lord of Your Being. Also, see that “Lord” in your coworker’s being. Mingle in the intent to evolve with others. What a great opportunity you have to stage yourself as who you want to be.

This is a high circle of beings gathered here. You all work so diligently at becoming more awake and more aware. You strive to do life in a new way in spite of how incredibly difficult it can be in the resistant gravity of humanity. Truth is in you, yet you have inherited humanity’s conceptions in your brain and in your body’s chemistry. A great mixture and complexity is there. At times you are victorious and at times you are not. Allow for all of those variables to be at peace in your energies. Allow all that is heavy, thick, weighty, and of shadow and darkness in yourself to be lifted up. Let the greater truth prevail.

(Rhammah begins to breathe heavily. Then he says:) I will let the Novo-Rhammah communicate with you. – (Group waits for the process of entity exchange to occur in the Host’s body.) (Novo-Rhammah speaks.) I am that which can sit on a rock for eternity, and that eternity is but a blink of an eye. I am here to clear the foundational energy, to make way for stability and steadiness. Allow for the energy I deliver to enter at the base of your being. Be established in the Infinite. Sit steady with me on an eternal rock as if forever is but a moment and be unshakable and unassailable in knowing Truth.

You are being adjusted and reminded and taught to be unshakable. Nothing of this world is big enough to touch you, for you are infinite. So, stand, sit and be with that which is infinite. Bless you all, indeed. What you are in eternity is untouchable and unflappable. Put this human life into context and proper perspective. As I stand with you, you are established in the family of masters who know themselves as The Eternal Ones. You are among those unaffected by the temporal. That family of masters is completely steady and fearless in the loving knowing which they are.

We ask you to have the refinement of an eagle’s eye and see the distance. And while you see in the distance, be with the mountain’s depths. The Earth is steady with itself through the eons. Recognize how that is so with all of creation and with your own true nature. An eternity in your eternity is but a moment to a realized master. Keep it all in perspective and bless it all as a mirror that teaches you how to do better, to give while honoring this space. You may say, “As I honor this space, I give this daily task to you my brother, my sister.” Be unfettered and unshakable. Learn to stand more completely in the eternal. Bless you. Bless you.

(There is more heavy breathing as Novo exits the body and the entity Glamdune, the jolly one, enters.) I am Glamdune. Tonight there is a “holy trinity,” the two grumpy ones and then there is me. (Group laughs delightedly at this humorous quip.) To be with your foundation is essentially a deliverance to your lightness. For you can carry yourself lightly even as there is war upon you, or as there is terror on the Earth. You can be light even as there are heavy hearts about you. Smile with every cell in your body. Live more joyously in that grand nature. But at times you may have to hide it, or they will be offended. So, when you have to hide it, focus on it with more deliberateness. It is like holding a bullet in your teeth. Imagine that they just shot a heavy point at you. Just smile as you hold their truth in your teeth. Just smile and say, “Thank you, thank you.” Take the attack lightly, for nothing is personal. You can bow to the most atrocious soul and to the most desperate authoritarian. You can bow in your truth. And do not lose track of the buoyant quality that is of Infinity. Smile with every cell in your body. As we leave, bless you and thank you for being thankful. As we leave, we will leave on a high note. (Glamdune begins the chanting of Om) – Bless you, keep singing. Create a space for the Host to come back into. Bless you. (Group continues to chant Om as the Host returns to his body.)


(At an earlier point in the evening, Rhammah stood up and went about the room giving individual blessings. These are some excerpts from those messages.)

** This is sacred ground that you stand on and sit on. You are unshakable, brilliant, joyous, a high being of love and light. All that is not of that frequency, send it up to my hands. Give it to me and I will give it to the highest. I will give it to God.

** Remember who you are, what you can be and how you can find purpose with that. Serve your loved ones humbly as a master serves and initiate an evolved way. Participate in creation through this body. Apply an evolved way in everything you do. Be in strident service to your fellows, to the Source, and to the God of Your Being. Live according to this beloved truth.

** The greater truth is you cannot not be connected. This is a matter of a deeper trust, a trust of life and a trust of your family’s process. And yes indeed, there are victories to be had beginning with this moment. Be steady now in your eternal foundation and lift your heart up to the sky.

** We offer you the waters of eternal love. They wash the layers of your being and wisdom drifts through. Adjust to how wisdom plays through you, for then you can focus your power. Capture the evolving of yourself and move into a beautiful space where your spirit lifts into a new presentation. Instead of being angry, create with this new presentation. Instead of being frustrated, bring with love all that it takes to make this day new. In your relationships, present from the God of Your Being.

** Honor the beauty of your mind. It is about adjusting from what works to what really works and then to what really works with gusto. Be established in the eternal and walk stridently with strength, with a joyous heart, and a brilliant mind aligned in totality. Find the place where your tears run with joy, your belly bursts with colors, and the waters of eternal truth run through your whole body.

** You do not need to save the world. You do not need to be the most amazing being ever. What you are is completely enough. Offer the Universe this enough-ness, for you can shift all of creation by shifting into being enough. You can say, “I am enough as I

am here, as I take this space and own it. What I say is enough and what I create today is enough.”

** The God of Your Being is here, honestly working to be clearly here with you. You can give to me everything that is in its way. It goes now to the highest. All of your cares, concerns and worries, all that is weighty in your heart is being handled by the Universe. It is handled by the highest and noblest of forces. Be one who says “I am enough and what I say is right enough. It is equal to all as I reflect on wisdom and usher it forth in the ways I know how.”

** Find a way for the idea of purpose to come to life. Find a way to use this day for one intent and all that happens inside of it. View that intent clearly until your purpose comes into focus and you discover the highest purpose, to simply be the light. Allow that to be what lifts others in humanity. Find a way to connect to all of humanity in simple ways.

** You’ve mastered exceptional busyness. We are taking a deep breath for you, embracing the whole of your field. You have the potential to function in a clearer way as you handle matters and trust that others can do more to assist. Give the weight on your shoulders to Rhammah. Send it up and turn it over. Say to yourself, “I trust that life will show me an easier way.” Your virtue is an inspiration to others. Find ways to allow others to be inspired by you. Hold your body up to the highest. Infinite love is here for you. Be taught by infinite love.

(Rhammah returns to his seat.) The waters that pour through the Host to all of you, those are the waters of love. I bless you from the highest and the waters run. Everyone, put your hands in the air as if the waters are running down and the rain is hitting your face. The infinite is saying hello to you. The waters are pouring down, cleansing, and giving you what it takes to be new in the days ahead. Allow this gesture to be your way of opening and holding that which is sublime. Rest now in the eternal foundation. I bid Thee adieu.

Aligning and Saying Thank You

Rhammah Discourse 11/20/2016

Channeled by Jeremy Anacker

Transcribed and Edited by Diane Doughman

Take the whole essence of what you intend to become and have it come to life in you through the words “Thank You.” Sit and say thank you to all that you desire to be, know or manifest. As you are manifesting in your thoughts and also in your success, live in a state of “thank you.” And learn to say “thank you” to everything that manifests, not just what you deem as good.

Sometimes the drive to make everything right, to make everything work as you think it ought to can burden your mind. The troubles of the day may cause you to feel like you are overwhelmed or lost. So, with the many things in your lifetime, like the sense of not having power and the sense of not having ability, experience how the untruth in those things make you stuck. Don’t react, simply remain established in who you are and say thank you in deliberate ways. As you do this, you are centered in knowing that things will work out. They will be aligned with the concept that, “I am enough. What is available is enough.”

Through this method, you actually end up knowing more because you live in the zone of all knowing. Saying thank you is not just being gracious. It is a way to activate divine energy and be in the deliverance and alignment of it. You may say, “Thank you Universe for the amount of time that we have had together. Thank you for this day, for giving us enough time for what needs to be done. And thank you for the days ahead, things are in a process that I trust. Thank you.”

Understand this alignment through whole system. from the very heights of the highest chakra right down through your foundation. In the enlightened state there is eternal knowing. And in the foundation, there is eternity itself. Creation is moving within eternity, and you have the ability to connect to eternal knowing and bring it into your human realm. time and space moves humanity along at a measured pace. Therefore, t exists so that everything does not happen at once. That is why what happens in this moment needs to be embraced as enough.

So, say “Thank you for capacities. Thank you for my good sense and all ruminations. Thank you for the process of time presenting at I can work with.” This is important because if the totality of knowing gets processed in the human brain too quickly and without preparation, there is a heck of a mess. But if you work with what we are suggesting, you will be clearing the filter, tuning it up and preparing for the potential growth process. So, see yourself in the mirror in a real way, not through a projection of what you ought to be, or what you want to be. What you pretend to be so that you feel okay, or so others are impressed is not who you really are.

By cleaning up diverted reflections, you will begin to see others for what they really are. Then you will be able to navigate with knowing and come into various environments more effectively. Alignment with the eternal identity helps you discern what is appropriate in this time and space. Then the timing of the universe and the timing of that which is unfolding sync up. You can ask for Source to harmonize your vision and uplift it. Stretch yourself gradually and try not to defeat yourself with a stretch that is hurried or forced. A solid foundation for alignment needs to be established on the One Great Reality dancing in time and space. It is all One Thing.

When your being resides in this truth, then what you say is in harmony with it. which you may say, “In spite of how you present, I see you and know you as this unlimited spirit.” Then relax about whether they come into this knowing or not. is exactly what is needed in the density of time and space. Things need to happen as they are happening. But your dedication to being in the eternal truth keeps you in a space where you are no longer a victim.

In this big picture mindset, you are more aware of how people present themselves and how interactions work. Humans are in a deep process with unconscious energies that need to unfold until each person becomes slightly more awakened. Seekers of Truth understand that this world is a school and you are watching people pass one test and then another. It is a process that is often very messy. But you can say inwardly, “I know that this being who lives so far south of their true nature is simply in a process they need to be in.” Embracing that a movement in your relationships. It might help them align with a greater knowing. And if it doesn’t, the universe moves that person further away from you.

So, say thank you to the resolve in your heart of hearts to be with people in their eternal nature. Stop trying to change everyone right now. And never lose sight that they are in process as you are also. Know that others may not arrive in that elevated space. Perhaps a certain person can only think of violence and resentment, living in the dense ego for all that it is. But you can know that in them somewhere is the light of being, the very same light of being that is in you. Stay true to that knowing

We are delivering a teaching which opens you to more truth. We do this so that you might see, speak and relate in a more alive way. We appreciate your efforts to embrace this wisdom. But in alignment there isn’t pushing or pulling to make things happen, for your power center needs to be open and in complete balance. You don’t want to aggressively administer a specific line of thought. Have a sense of the proper amount of effort for birthing this wisdom.

With that said, do be aware that this planet is a messy and dangerous place. All sorts of human souls arrive. And they don’t all stay long or stay the same amount of time. Some souls come to present in war ravaged areas, in poverty, in all of it. the various experiences that are presented for soulswho, consider that you do not want to mess up perfection. And perfection from vision can look and feel different than an unaligned human’s interpretation of perfection. ave rosy perception of perfection. In perception everyone is treated in a warm fuzzy way. There are no harms done and everyone is evolved into gentle space. That is a lovely vision, but it is not how most of human reality is. So strive in your alignment to find a way to be a part of evolution while allowing life to teach souls the lessons that they need. Of course, there are places on the planet where things are mostly in balance because have decided to be in their integrity and their divinity. ,

is be where you are. there is someone who is determined to boss you around, just in alignment and much of what others do or say to roll off youisn’t the same as ignoring them. It is allowing the energy of alignment to integrity. Have compassion for all who are suffering. Boss no one around and push no one. a space for creative energy and power to be born. Find the proper use of power and say, “This is what I can handle. And so this is what will do.” Your alignment to spirit is about living, not about perfection.

As you integrate with eternal alignment, your being becomes like an antenna for knowing truth. You will fall for the universe and all that it is, wanting to be a part of it in every cell of your body. But find a stride that seems to work for you, because then everybody benefits. Ultimately everyone is embraced. This happens not through the execution of an idea, but by finding a way to be with all ideas, with all of life’s intent, vision and evolution. Everything is constantly moving forward. That is the way of Creator Source. And it is bigger than what we can speak of. It’s bigger than what you can get in any workshop.

You are here finding some perspective as you sit in a room on Earth. This moment can be looked upon from a great distance. How does this room look if you are standing on the moon or on a spaceship as far away as the farthest planet in your galaxy? It looks like a grain of sand or smaller. So, in your mind’s eye, hold a grain of sand in your fingers. The circumstances you are in and however they might test you are on that grain of sand. These teachings are on that grain of sand. Functioning well and living the dream is on a grain of sand. The greatest spiritual experience and abiding in greater reality is there too. So, please think of the grain of sand and of the great reality of forever

Another point of focus is that you are in one lifetime, but you all go through many lifetimes. In humanness you can feel locked in as if there is no way out. But when you understand reality on deeper levels, you won’t feel as if the four walls of these rooms define the whole of your existence. You will know that your life and your problems are not permanent. When you are anchored in that fact, you can relax about your difficulties. The relaxed state allows you to hit the high notes so that greater functioning can occur. In that state, your bodies become portals of energy that give birth to a new way to be. You focus on what is of competence, and the rest isn’t worth giving your time or energy to. Alignment means being thankful for the four walls of this room and for your body in the middle of this dream.

Try to realize that you don’t have to fix everything or make things right based on human judgments. In your awareness, you need to take a picture and then send that picture up to the great planning committee. Send it up through me to that Foreverness. Then say thank you to the resolution, to the birth of greater knowing and connection. For there is the great family in all of life that enhances your own networks. As humans, you are like scouts for the masters in the planning committees, for those who are in the drawing rooms of the control centers. Take mental pictures as scouts for the process of creation. You are here to bear witness to how things work out, to how your concerns are remedied by the way creation presents itself. Be aware of this process as you journey in the dream of human muckiness.

Here on your planet people have egos, and you experience much competition. Stay steady on your course of self-care as you apply this way of abiding in truth. Take a picture and send it up and thank the alignment you get from that. Be thankful that eventually you will be with enthusiastic, highly evolved beings in more advanced places. For the dream you are in will be shaken and a new one will come. You can lean towards this kind of evolution and consciously evoke it. It is about eternity in a body exuding joy and living in the vitality of being. Take a picture of that and send it up to the universe of helpers. Rhammah bids thee adieu. We are honored to be here and to be of service. And now, indeed, school is in session.

When You Were Children

RHAMMAH 12/27/2022
Channeled by Jeremy Anacker
Transcribed by Katherine Grace Kiesch
Edited by Diane Doughman

All of you were once children, and many have spent time with children. Children learn how the roles in society work through toys. For example, the farmer drives the tractor, and has a function to bring food to the population. The farmer is an identifiable character to the child. There are farmers, beauticians, barbers, dentists, doctors, and taxi drivers. There are teachers and those who wait on tables, wash the dishes, clean the streets, and clean the hotel rooms.

All these different roles in society are seen simply by a young child. The innocent child knows the characters, and has fun finding scenarios for the toys, dolls, and figures. Their roles are thought of in simple, equal terms. But at some point, a child may learn that one is better or more valuable than the other. As they mature, cultural references and negative labels get thrown in. Doctors are judged as more special than drivers. Drivers are more special than sanitation workers. And it goes on and on. You have all these hierarchies in human culture. But if you are working on your spirit, you begin to mature back into an equalized innocence. You may contemplate what it might be like to see through your own ego. In that process, can you watch what makes you feel okay through one scenario or another? You might think, “I am better because I am not arrogant like a doctor. I’m a driver, so I am humbler.” But the ego is so clever that it can make something of that.

For example, the ego might surmise that it is so humble it does not need to have a social title. It says, “I am better than even the President of the United States because I can see through all things.” Those attitudes are still the ego’s perspective. True insight is seeing through all things and being a witness to how God is orchestrating every aspect of life. The Source is grace, and you can be in its grace. You can behold all things unfolding like a song. Creation presents its music, and you can vibrate in it with your body. When you feel it in your being and with your spirit, you are in freedom.

So, imagine you could be a farmer plowing the field. If you have a healthy ego, you might notice life and think about the whole process of farming. You are in the field tilling, but you also fertilize, irrigate, and harvest the crops at various stages. You are aware of the weather, the sun, trees, and wind. In that awareness you can enjoy the presence of all that is around you. That is how to go beyond ego, by being essence abiding in itself. In this awareness you are able to be steady without pinch, fight or struggle, without confusion or trying to figure it all out.

The ego can exist in a healthy way as it serves society. It finds its purpose in a certain moment. However, in this day and age, one might become a farmer for a short period of time, then later become a taxi driver. Beyond that a person may become a dentist. These different roles can bring a richness of experience to one who is enriched by diversity in its lifetime. With more to reflect on, the ego becomes more refined. It has more culture, and that is a useful next level of ego development.

So, perhaps one soul writes a book or becomes a statesman for the planet. Or they might have a variety of rich, complex experiences in different cultures. Then they can say, “I now see human society with a span of wisdom which is a gift.” That healthy ego will give a gift to other humans who can share in what that individual gained. Such a purposeful and healthy ego has risen to a more useful level. They have the capacity to truly connect with the people around them.

When one discovers such essence, they can grow in a gratitude that rises above ego. The energy of gratitude comes from a lifetime that stays in a high vibration. A purposeful, motivated being who knows themselves can help supercharge others. Long ago, human roles were more fixed. Now you are in an interesting social time with more movement, and you are being asked to find a sense of self beyond fixed roles. From such a state you ask the primal question, “Who am I?”

We tell you that you are essence, and you are light. You are the loving nature that comes from the same realms which we come from, One Degree South of God. So, go beyond that which is peering out of those eyes and animating that body. Whatever that aliveness is, that is what you really are. Sit with that pure aliveness knowing it can present in a multitude of roles. It can put on a thousand hats, for you are the capacity to present in a super responsive way to whatever life asks of you.

Because of that responsiveness, it is natural to work with the gifts that are given to you by the Divine. Perhaps you are a deep thinker, or one whose feet are firmly on the ground. Perhaps you have the capacity to see through the crap that so many humans present. Whatever your gifts, you use them because your contract is to use what’s innately in your system. You should give those talents in your lifetime because you cannot change the wiring you have contracted yourself into.

Life is not idyllic. It’s full of forces that are sometimes helpful and sometimes not so helpful playing in a multitude of ways. Life is not just complex, at times it’s a flipping shit storm presenting total nutty chaos! This can confuse the ego and cause you to ask, “When shit hits the fan, how should I respond?” You might ask, how can your own son destroy himself so much when he must know how much you love him? On a human level such an occurrence is perplexing. You wonder how you might make room for that bizarre, ridiculous scenario.

If you look back in history people have fought many wars with swords, spears, knives, and shields. They trained and trained on how to kill each other. On the battlefield they would claw, bite, snort, and scream. There would be gory sounds everywhere as they stabbed even their own kinsmen. That happened because they would not be able to tell with the level of gore who was who. In that unconsciousness a great sadistic energy was imported into the soul. Many humans have similar types of experiences if they have been here for a number of lifetimes. Such horrific participations have given you that embrace of deep darkness.

In today’s world, when such traumatic events occur, those on spiritual paths are supposed to relax, breathe, allow for it and see through it. Doing that is graduating from the programs in your souls. However, when an individual gets lost in unconscious energy and becomes violent, they are embracing sadistic tendencies. Those becomes great patterns in the soul that need clearing. In current life circumstances, the bulk of human messes are simply war karma trying to unpack itself from the soul.

Your current times do reflect past history. In many ways these times are not so different from even 200 years ago. And in some ways, because of technology, there is an acceleration of what happened hundreds of years ago. So, in current times, humans are given the chance to burn off negative patterns quickly. We ask you to trust the mess you are in, and realize your life isn’t supposed to be all neat and tidy. It is simply not intended by contract to be idyllic.

So, how do you bring order to the messy aspects of your life, the things that come up over and over and challenge you on every level. You do it by becoming spiritually strong like you have never been before. Spiritually strong beings are asking themselves to be the geniuses who can resolve incredible

challenges. And genius is the capacity to be simple, to be very simple in your nature. Look through your own mind and the minds of others to the light, and ask yourself how to embody the light.

Try doing this. Put a real or imaginary candle in the middle of a room. In your mind’s eye watch the candle dance on the wick. Notice how the wax is fuel for the fire. The oxygen in the room joins with the flame and it dances and plays. It is very alive. If there is a door open, suddenly the breeze comes and changes the way that flame dances. We want you to be like that. Be able to change your dance in receptivity to any current circumstance. Even being a mother has various presentations and can be seen quite differently by another.

For example, what if in the eyes of your son you are a very cruel oppressor. Then look at how you feel oppressed by his behavior. To a spiritually free being, the perception of a cruel oppressor can be seen the same as the likeness of a child. It is no different than being a taxi driver, or a doctor, or a dentist. It is simply a perception that is laid on the dream that you have allow to present. It is like being a supervisor in an office. There will be a multitude of perceptions about you that can be laid upon you. Can you be all of those perceptions and none of those at once?

In the mind of a child in the sand box, there is the bossy one, the rebellious one, the wimpy withering flower, and all the various characters. It’s really just like that in the office, and it is all divine playfulness. So, transcending your relationship with the people around you and your own son takes allowing for all perceptions to present on you by them. Let it happen. And let it be so that they might see you in a hundred ways. Simply maintain the realization that you are in the sandbox of life playing and folding in time with every twist and turn that comes along.

To accomplish this state of being, you need a very strong practice of focusing on who you really are. On a soul level think of the qualities of virtue that are in your core because you are a unique being in divinity. You know that compassion is your nature at its core. Your soul is consistently fed by compassion. So, what if the perception laid upon you is that you are a cruel, controlling witch. Well guess what, that perception doesn’t have to hurt because you know how compassionate you have been. You can say, “I know that my love for my son is infinite an goes on without end. I know my life has been all about doing my best.”

When you can do this, those unhelpful perceptions are seen for what they really are. It is part of the play of a child in a sandbox. And on a soul level, in timing with the Universe, you are contracted to deliver the elements of virtue, of what you really are. And when those parts of your soul are delivered, there is soul satisfaction and ecstatic peace. So, think of the soul as a highly refined vessel, like a finely crafted sailboat on the sea. It has these beautiful sails that test the wind. As one becomes skillful at maneuvering, that sailboat takes one across the sea. And when there is a change in the breeze, or a change in the environment, you respond accordingly, you adjust.

That vessel by itself is ego, but the sails and the capacity to be in pure response to the wind and environment, is of the divine soul. You are on a journey with your son, or your office mates, or with the individuals whom you encounter in the days ahead. You are locked into that journey while you are aiming for a destination with your soul’s purpose. That purpose delivers its virtue in sync with time and space, and with how it all unfolds.

So, that’s what you want on a soul level, to take all circumstances, let them present completely, and find a way to practice virtue. That is how you work through the war karma which everyone has. Everyone who has been on the planet for a number of lifetimes has the hate of an enemy sewn by the sharpest needle and thread into their soul. It is your job to undo that. Through all the circumstances of your life, ask yourself about the virtue that needs delivering in each moment. Then develop those virtues and refine them.

An example of this is the virtue of being able to participate in safety. Your soul knows how to be in that virtue beautifully. As a child and as an adult, you may have had issues in this lifetime where you did not know safety. But the soul knows safety, and you can contemplate yourself into it. You can act as if it is true because the connection to your true nature gives you that. Knowing who you are no matter what your circumstances, that realization is always available.

On this eve, you are setting everything aside to sit with the deepest parts of self. And in those deepest parts is the virtue of ultimate safety. So, how do you deliver that to the environment? While you can’t always control the environment, you can consistently say, “I really know this is going to work out. I trust how this is to unfold. I can see the skills in you and the value you want to bring. I trust this whole circumstance.” You can talk yourself and your environment into a beautiful space when you know who you really are. You can deliver those energies to every given moment. That is what soul work is.

It’s taking the context that you are given and trusting its perfect karma, being with it and finding a true response.

It is like a sailor finding a way to be with the sea. The sailor assesses the ways the winds present. The destination is held in mind, but the whole journey to a seasoned sailor is poetry. Spirit inhabits the lifestyle of a sailor who transports goods and people across the sea. That sailor is one who has respect for nature and its power, for it can deliver with the winds and water the capacity for travel. But it can also present a storm that would turn a ship over and obliterate everything in it.

Sailors have drama. They know seasickness but remain on the ship long after they have been sick for days. The ship keeps going and going into the turbulence. The sailor has been nauseous and dizzy, but he also knows the joy of cruising across the sea, of tacking left and right, of navigating. There is an authority that is born when one is deep in nature, and one needs to be in true response for survival.

So, where are your fears in life? They often trigger insecurity so that you can master making friends with your own insecurity. Life events, like meeting new people can bring up your own insecurities. But those events give you the opportunity to make friends with yourself and bring compassion to yourself. And from there you go to the truth that you are Infinite Love. Infinite Love has discovered itself as the possibility of presenting through a human form.

You are magnificent beauty. You really are, and it’s your job to focus on that as you allow for all of the perceptions of this world. Don’t fight with any of those perceptions. It is time to be so mature that Infinite Love takes care of everything in your mind, in your heart, and in your foundation. Infinite Love is who you really are, and all negative and positive perceptions about you will not be unfettered until you allow negative and positive perceptions equally.

So, allow for all of the praise of a new friend who discovers your light. And then allow for that to transform when they also present other viewpoints. You are the sailor navigating in a relationship. When you are dealing with your son you have his needs. And he needs more help in some ways because he has not owned his own vessel. Hold in mind his capacity to be the masterful sailor. See that, for as you are functioning with your fellow beings, it is your job to see their possibilities, to contribute to that without being personally controlling. Just let it go and see the potentials.

Many of you are deal with the heavy part of humans all day. So, you need to become spiritually strong to pass the tests. It is time to be so spiritually strong that today’s tests become a small matters. They feel manageable. In a partnership, how do you maintain the capacity to respect each other and not let the lower forces undermine the journey you have with one another? How do you hold in mind the purpose for your biology’s participation in this creation? Can you see the potential for static joy as you participate in creation’s purpose with virtue?

Spiritual work is the discovery of your true essence and fostering contact with the everywhere nature of Source. If you can disappear for periods of time in the field of Infinite Love, soul work becomes natural and easy. That work is transcendent. And it figures itself out in the genius of true essence and the brilliant and beautiful light of Infinite Love. If you have contact with your own nature as Infinite Love, you will have the chance to inspire profound respect.

The joy of being in your divinity has emotion in it, and it is reflected in your biology. Your partnerships will come to life, not through lust and desire, but through the purposeful emoting of biology as one is connected to Source. That connection can be used consistently with the virtue of respect, the virtue of mutual safely and mutual purpose to help you discover the true adventure of your spiritual light. It involves using your gifts in such a way that they take you to joy.

If you can access this teaching, you are like a sailor who has a function. But in order to function you have to know the winds. You have to respect all of life and the global environment. You must be willing to navigate through all the ways life presents to become so grand that all these challenges become a poetry of the cells. Let nothing deter you from being your virtuous self. The human ego knows all too well how to operate in a negative way in competition with others. That is like a protective animal who has a bowl of food and does not want its neighbors taking it, so it bears its teeth.

All humans have an animal in them. Respecting that fact in yourself is another piece in the process of being able to maintain respect for others. That is because in society a collective of humans are on some fundamental level still animals. That is why your soul needs to be set in the evolution and capacity of knowing your essence as Infinite Love. That means everything, to have that resolve on many levels and emote your Infinite Nature. Then you can say, “I work to be your team member. I feel incredible purpose in the harmony between us. I insist that we discover that together.” You can do that because you know that you are Infinite Love and so are they at their core.

You are Infinite Love, and that foundation is your basis for respect. When an awakening being falls out of that respecting posture, they take care of it right away. Perhaps they say, “I acted in anger. The animal in me was baring its teeth and I was being self-protective. I was being bossy, pushy, willful and it harmed both of us. What I really need is to be true to the potential of harmony and respect.” If you are unable to do that, then step back and wait for respect to be possible.

That is the very crux of functioning well in life as a healthy ego. Respect is such a cut and dry virtue, a virtue of the soul. It is common in so many ways. But you do need the genius of awareness, of brilliant knowing to embody it completely and let it come to life. An artist can work and work and work to get their fingers to strum a guitar, to play the notes and stay on beat. Then there is more work and focus as they go to the next level where musicality leads to the presentation of life of spirit. This is a metaphor for your soul work.

The more that work evolves, the healthier the ego is, and the more you can transcend your ego. So, look in the mirror soon without that ego. Do you think you couldn’t function without the ego that is part of a dream character? Your ego is like the toy tractor and the farmer in playful function. If you can take it lightly like a child, there can be a healthy presentation. For the ego can play in many identities of life, and it is good when it is healthy. So, adjust your perception of it.

When the ego desires to function well it represents a higher quality. Its “me” nature takes care of itself through cooperation with the collective. Then you have a full play which can create a business and serve a community. Let such mastery help you sell your music or play in front of crowds. Let that enhance the capacity to attract students and clients, the capacity to sell your poetry to a network of friends and family members.

You can create a really fulfilling life if you know who you are. You can also rest, letting everything unfold as it is. Let all things be. Trust every butterfly that flutters in the forest, every bird perched in a tree. Trust how the mud and fecal matter on the forest floor give to life as well. Everything in creation should be allowed completely.

So, on this eve we are reflecting on the nature of self and its intentions as it interacts with all of life, with other human beings, and with the profound agenda of lifetimes. You all have the winds of days gone by, the current times, and the many days ahead. You have the wisdom of experiences that you have gathered thus far. And you have a masterfully poised attitude for the realities that are here in the adventure of knowing who you are. And as divinity, you can transcend it all.

In the knowing of your divinity on this eve, the bigness can relax and allow for all that presents. Your being relaxes into the beyond. Who you really are beyond the soul is a beautiful super intelligent nature. At the core you are Infinite Love. When that is connected, you can resolve the many issues in a given day. You need to trust it. It is that which moves all things, and it is also the very primordial essence of what you are. Sense your soul and its contracts, its movement and calling. It has a pattern that has been here since before this current body. It has its way. If you can sense that part of you, then you can also go beyond it into the Field of Love that created it.

You are not separate from that Field of Love. Right now, you are being introduced to its beauty and its remembrance. In each moment of this transmission, you are falling farther into the reality of love that is forever. Infinite Love allows for your body and all the ways it presents right here. It allows for the chair the body is on, and for all the sounds of this room. Infinite Love allow for all that. It allows for every energetic nuance of your energy field, every flowing part, every dense part, every rigid part, and every static filled piece.

So, accept that every rough, sticky, stringy, hard, heavy, and free aspects of the field are allowed to be in this Divine Love. It is time for it all to be allowed. From the physical to the energetic, all is allowed to be as the divine energy. The Infinite Love goes further and further into the foreground of this moment. Infinite Love naturally emotes. It is behind the rise and fall of your chest, the beating of your heart and the movement of all the fluids in each body.

Infinite Love is behind the capacity to know, behind the greater and lesser flows of energy and the hardness and freedom in your field. It allows for all of it to present. It allows for the impressions of the subtlest levels. Your innate soul is all about its patterns and its design which move in an evolving way that is given by the power of the Infinite. As that same Infinite Love, you go beyond soul. You go beyond the collective of souls and beyond the oversoul. You go into that beyond as that beyond takes care of everything.

The field of Infinite Love in you handles a multitude of things effortlessly. Its power becomes more and more of a friend to the soul. It allows the soul to see through everything to Infinite Love. That beautiful ocean of energy can now be seen as one’s very own self. So, let Infinite Love spontaneously deliver you to a functioning self that has no self-consciousness and naturally participates in safety and respect. Less and less work is needed the more you rest in the field of Divine Love.

Rhammah brings this ocean of love, this mystery by sitting next to you as your energetic teacher. INFINITE LOVE, UPON INFINITE LOVE, UPON INFINITE LOVE is manifested. You are to become the deepest artist of your life, painting beautifully in the days ahead. Let this life, this remembrance, this fire become in the days ahead a way that is true living. All that is exceptional about your body, all that is struggle, and all the perceptions are allowed.

You are virtuous, eternal power as Infinite Love playing through the roles of daily life and discovering the ocean of True Self which has no end. Every arena that your mind can conceive of, you can go beyond it and accelerate into transcendence. All the limited concepts of self are instantly thrown away as you allow for All of Infinity to be of your nature. The matters of this soul’s purpose, its personality, and the roles that it plays are handled in the magnificent brilliance of awareness. It is time to be courageous and let everything go to the Self that is Infinity. Get on the ship and say over and over again, “I AM INFINITE LOVE.”

Say, “All the matters of soul, brain, mind, body, ego, and biology are but of a grain of sand. All matters of the soul through eternal time and also matters of this body and its ego are but a grain of sand. All the matters of a soul and the dreaming ego and dreams of a lifetime are such. The super subjective nature of perception in consciousness and all that is struggle and human drama, they are all but of a grain of sand.”

As humans, discover the fact that all humans are Infinite Love, and love is what really matters. Now that you know that, you are all master in the infinite realm. Give that beautiful energy to your partner, your family members, to your child, and to the new person you are about to meet. Send Infinite Love towards all beings in daily life intending to be the highest and intending to see the highest within each presentation. If you are inclined to secure a certain outcome, relax that inclination, and let Infinite Love simply create. Infinite Love simply allows. And Infinite Love is simply all the virtues at the core of a soul and its eternity.

Infinite Love is the reality of an individual with all its dreams and aims, all of its break throughs and dramas. And all those are but a grain of sand. How does this eternal Infinity of Forever style of love view the realities of the finite? As you look at this grain of sand bef struggle to see the eternal evolution of a soul. You will struggle to see a body in a lifetime with its tests and challenges and break throughs. It is almost impossible to personalize all that is on that grain of sand because this Infinity of Love is so foremost, so obviously true. And even more challenging is to know that Infinite Love takes care of everything that is on that grain of sand.

The dream of a human with seven billion people on a planet is on a grain of sand in the infinite field of play. And now that you are in the know of Infinite Love, you are to present that in your life. You are to present this energy and this way of functioning on a quest to discover the poetry of being. Can you be a highly functional presentation of a human while also being a masterful artist? With words you paint as love, in actions you sculpt a life. Living life shifts under your feet, but now you have this beautiful highest context of self totally present and functioning. You are now more brilliant than ever.

Tonight has been an upgrade, so say yes to it! Say, “Yes, Yes, Yes.” You all deserve it, and you are all loved. Rhammah respects and admires every one of you. Rhammah bids thee adieu.

A More Advanced Discourse

In September of 2020, the Rhammah Masters channeled an exceptional discourse. They revealed information, some of which had not been revealed before. They spoke about the realm they claim is their home base, a place they call One Degree South of God. We believe this is not so much a physical realm as it indicated more of a proximity to the ultimate state of Oneness, of the Source of All. The following are excerpts from that remarkable discourse. It begins with an “origin of creation” account:

Once upon a time there was an indivisible, undifferentiated, infinitely potent field of essence. This infinitely potent and infinitely pregnant field of essence ushered energy out from itself through thought. A gathering of essence began and that increase of complexity gave birth to more complexity. This process went on and on. Just like the waters on your planet, it found a way down the mountains of created substance.  

Spirit is a super responsive, super cohesive, super lasting, and infinitely fluid thing. It can play as fire, and it can play as earth, wind, water. The realm that we have been calling “One Degree South of God” is the slight movement from the purity of Source to subtle differentiation. As humans you view Rhammah as a collective source of information. You ask if Rhammah is a personality? For you yes. But in our realm, communication is Being Itself. It is energy vibrating with being that.  

From where we come, there are no questions about what perception is right to have. There is just this beautiful energy. And we have a position of reflection with all density in our realm. We look upon the phenomenon of densified Source, and we look upon your arena of extreme density from that posture. Your posture is, in a sense, very distant from who and what we are. But, because you are a part of us, we are responsive to your shout-outs.  

You called to us and we picked up the phone. When you show up, the Host moves aside, and we show up. That happens because who you are in your essence is asking for sustenance, for remembrance. It is like the waters run down to the valley and they need to reflect on where they came from. Upon that reflection, they are in an evolving, changing essence.  

Where Rhammah comes from is beyond time. It is completely beyond time. And the truth we take you to is a style in infinity. It is an expression, and it is a specialty of the Rhammah masters which was developed in partnership with this dear Host. (Host refers to Jeremy Anacker who channels the Rhammah Masters.) His inclinations to study things were agreements that we made in the realm we came from. It took 10,000 years for us to give him instructions for this lifetime. We sat with the Host for 75 of your years while he was disembodied. He was a soul immersed with infinity, taken into nuance, into impressions that were vast regions of color and energetic qualities. We were teaching him in absolute abstractions.  

You who come to these sessions are a part of this dance, a part of this sewing of words. This creation, these words are made possible by agreements made long ago. In those 75 human years, the Host was with us for 10,000 years. You cannot get your head around that statement, but from our realm that is exactly the truth. Imagine taking a tall glass of beyond time from our realm. Then imagine taking a glass with 75 years of time in it. Now pour both glasses together into a third glass. Mix them and together, shake them up and they become 10,000 years. In the perception of time mixed with no time, there is a compromise. That is the best we can explain it to you. 

In the collective, on the immediate level, a compromise is underway. Are you a part of it, or are you propelling a war? In the realm of energy, there are fights until there are compromises. Compromise is collective destiny. And guess what? You cannot fight the compromise. You can fight for your camp, for your world view, and that is not entirely wrong. But right now, here with us, own your vibration and hold it up to the light. As you do this, the flickering of energy is given back to you by the light.  

From a space of higher consciousness, ask yourself to see how everyone can win. Get a sense of how every member of this planet can win. In the realm we come from, super intelligence has no problem with that question. But you are stuck in perceptions, and you want to know on the level of a human brain all the answers. But because of where we come from, because of how different it is from where you are, we cannot give you an answer on the level of your mind. We have a responsibility to teach you in such a way that you get delivered to a beautiful freedom and a useful embodiment.  

So imagine your entire body of thoughts hanging out with the sense of all beings on this planet. If you want them all to win somehow, you are enlisting for a committee. You are joining up with one of the great committees in the sky, with the great planners of the garden. The committees we speak of are laying the tracks for the next 10,000 years. They contemplate what this collective in total seems to be moving toward, seems to be after. For the collective of this planet is creating a destiny. And when there is more harmony, it is easier to come to a beneficial conclusion.   

That dance of your collective energy is mingled with the many beings in the non-physical. There are helpful entities and there are not so helpful entities. There are helpful energies being introduced into your planet, and not so helpful energies. The not so helpful energies try to keep certain structures and certain agendas from moving forward. They are in an argument, throwing a tantrum. Their energy is big and scary, but it is actually just a toddler’s way to function. How does such ingenious but immature energy influence you? It keeps you in argument and keeps the gathering of perceptions locked in.  

Those unhelpful energies and entities are locked into a temporary identity. They reside in collective ego and they love to fight. That type in collective unconscious loves to fight and there is a whole layer of that in what you are. You are plugged into humanity, and there is a part of you that loves to fight. Own that, and as you do you are unhooking influence from unhelpful entities, from the unhelpful influences that live around the planet. Even one being waking up out of those influences, that affects the whole.  

The evidence of an authentic movement of unhooking those manacles, of blocking the unhelpful ones, is joy in your heart. In that freedom, the winds blow through what you are, and your life feels more like poetry. The unhelpful ones convince you that a perception is fact, and then you get juicy around that idea. Scary, shocking things are said. But you are here in this circle to study intention, to study who you are in your essence. If you can do that, when you die you will be more buoyant.  

If you take on the challenges of these teachings, you will know about yourself as a great quality of love. The tone of this energy will lift into the ethers and travel through layers of reality towards the heavens and beyond. Do you want to know how many layers there are? There are many rooms in the heavens, and many universes to go to. You can have as many ordinary lives as you want. You can rise to more advanced level by helping other entities who are leaving their bodies to find the light. That is the next level, going beyond yourself and helping others ascend.  

There are layers, and layers, and layers until you get to One Degree South of God. That is the last stop. It is beyond all the cities of light. And there are many layers that are various cities of light in the celestial. But then, there is the last stop of differentiation before there is only power, which is the infinite power of One God Source. And the many ways that ineffable pure essence is organized changes constantly. It is very liquid and super responsive to every individual.  

If you really want a shot at those highest places, these teachings are all about that. All the ways you are organized and everything you feel, that is true from the human point of view. But you can learn to take the human point of view and let it fall apart, let it go back to essence when this body dies. If you really have that down, you will come to the realm of Rhammah. And the realm of Rhammah is just a transition point into the Absolute, the Infinite, the ineffable pure essence of undifferentiated Godhead.  

We are teaching you about the super responsive universes. And this level of density acts as training for other levels of lighter density. At those levels, the universe is even more responsive to your intentions and thoughts. On this third dimensional planet, things happen slower and there are intelligences at work which you are not aware of. So be wary of teachings which insist that you can put the universe in your pocket and make it do what you want. You are given a contract upon each birth. Filling that contract is necessary to go into a higher harmony, a greater wisdom.  

Do you really want to deliver yourself to the highest places upon your death? If so, then turn towards those who are the feeblest, who have the most need, and give them compassionate energy. Find those who are in the deepest places of sorrow and famine, and give them good energy. Make friends with death itself, for death itself is simply a door to the unknown that you are getting used to. Find many ways to let yourself be unpacked in perception, many ways to stay open here in your density.  

The more you do that, the more you will be able to stay in alignment with the unknown regions of the beyond. As the beloved lives in each of you who hear these words, so the beloved lives in every member of this planet. Your collective has a destiny. Discover your place in that ultimate destiny. For your choices, your life and its intentions do not just influence humanity, they travel across eons. As your heart becomes this aligned, as it becomes this true, you join in the Councils of the Highest Heavens. You become members of that circle, for you are saving yourself a seat when you lose your body. Strive to become a part of that highest intelligence. Study lessons for preparing yourself, indeed! 

Dear Beloved, come to the light NOW. Reveal a way of heart, an embodiment of mind that is reverent to all life, reverent to the entire collective of creation. Connect to and revere the Councils that advocate from the highest heavens. There is a layer of heaven with a giant roundtable. And every member at the table has a beautiful, kingly and queenly garment. Those garments are a play of the highest quality of energy. To look upon that, you’d think they were made of white gold, or yellow gold interlaced. It is not armor, but rather the essence of super intelligence, a golden way of being and knowing.  

The masters of that roundtable are eyeballing humanity over thousands of years. So whatever you are sweating through now, it is a course correction. Humanity has been going this way, but the committee says it needs to go that way. Some humans imagine that everything you are going through is orchestrated by evil forces. What if it is all being orchestrated through the members of this High Council?  

The beauty of that is so captivating. If you fully understood it, you would be more willing to live this life here as it is. You would be grateful to play a part in it. You’d say, “I will go through all the hardships and experience these hardships with my family and peers. I will align with this collective experience, because it is going to mean higher things.” If you realized, you would say, “I will remain courageous and in the trust of the Universe. I will remain in the place where I draw on the master, and in so doing, I become a student of the unknown. I will turn towards its wisdom rather than wanting to know correct perceptions, wanting to know how to be super knowledgeable. It is time to be super empty, super free, super responsive, super new and super conscious.”