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Sacred Chanting and Singing

I am fortunate to be born with an innate sensitivity to vibration in many different ways. Naturally, as a person who sees and senses energy fields, I also experience the energy that comes from sacred chanting and singing. While everyone I know feels effected and affirmed by their favorite music It helps to become acquainted to chant and song that is designed for the use as vibrational coaching or medicine. 

As society has become modern, we've established different perspectives on why sacred chanting and song is important. Here are what I consider to be the top five benefits of chanting mantra.

1. Sacred Chanting and Song Affects You Physiologically

Many physiological effects have been scientifically documented. When you use sacred chant and song, you fall into a blissful aura energy space. This is also a positive energy state that positively effects the body. Consequently, the use of breath and voice in and of itself helps you to regulate and bring greater attitudinal presence to the body. 

Studies have even shown that sacred chanting and song can help lower blood pressure which increases overall wellbeing and health. 

Sacred chant and song practices from all over the world and in all of history were designed to uplift the mind, heart and body. Naturally, this has always served a very universal need to have basic attitudinal strength to overcome the challenges of daily life. Within intuitive community it is common to focus on sound practices that are focused on affecting the energy field to include energy centers called chakras which are located throughout the body. Using sacred chant and song helps to improve chakra alignment, balance and the flow of energy throughout the body. 

2. Sacred Chanting and Song Changes Your Vibration

Modern physics proves that everything in the known universe is made up of energy. When you chant or sing and evoke sacred sound you bring vibrational harmony to the body. When harmony in the form of sound enters your ears and the nerve endings on the skin it penetrates and enters the body and the brain. This effectively changes the electromagnetic energy patterns in your body and rewires the your entire being towards harmony. 

3. Sacred Chanting and Song Impacts Mental Wellbeing

Just as sacred chanting and song affects the body, it creates beneficial effects on the mind. These two aspects of our selves are deeply intertwined. 

As a practitioner focuses on voice and harmonious tones, useful mental attitudes become natural and are practiced in association with the experience of harmony in the aura and body. This greater experience of oneself promotes more connection with the inner self and its peaceful depths. It then becomes much easier to keep and even minded approach to challenging life events and to make effective choices that will better promote abundance and general well being. 

4. Sacred Chanting and Song Helps You Learn to Meditate

Meditation is often a very challenging endeavor. Beginning meditators tend to run into an internal wall. This wall is the result of well practiced body memory that has resulted from hurried living and a lack of emotional presence. They can feel frustrated by their inability to master meditation quickly. Sacred chanting song is a very friendly and encouraging way for beginning meditators to shift into a meditative mental state, as it provides an often fun and uplifting focus for ones conscious attention.

Anyone can chant or use a song with sacred intention, and with time, this increases your concentration and ability to remain open yet focused. From this state, it is more likely for you to discover the peaceful meditative reality that already exists within you.

Sacred chanting and song can be used as a form of meditation — it's a tool that helps you release your mind and connect more deeply with yourself and the higher mind by finding a sense of mystery that comes from consciously working with uplifting vibration.  

5. Sacred Chanting and Song Is Effective in Small Doses

One of the most amazing things about sacred chants and songs is that you don't have to always be a full participant in order to experience its positive effects. Simply listening to certain tones or beautiful songs is uplifting medicine as ambient companion sound will offer some benefits from the vibration sound frequencies. You can listen in a group experience or at any time such as when you are cooking, in the shower, or driving. The positive effect of vibrational frequencies will be with you the more that you allow yourself to be effected by them.

There are so many practices from various schools and religions of the work that help improve the state of body, mind, and spirit require you to practice regularly and make them an essential aspect of your life. The use of sacred chanting and song is unique because it can have a significant impact on your life without having to take it seriously. If you want to start feeling positive effects you don't have to dedicate countless hours to a practice; you can start to feel the effects just by listening to others' chant or sing with sacred intention and allow it to affect your vibrational frequency. 

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