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Vibe Drum Sound Baths

A vibe drum is a very highly crafted version of a tongue drum that has 9 tones tuned to Sofeggio-F scale at 528 Hx and 9 tones tuned to D-Minor Pentatonic at 432 Hz for meditative calming and the highest quality of sound healing. If you do not know what these terms mean it may be more important to bathe in the beautiful tones for yourself in an individual session or at an upcoming Sound Bath event. 

Participants have been amazed by the effects of this drum while rhythmic patterns and an array of healing tones are played with Jeremy's exceptional sense of rhythm and musicality. 

Drum-like sounds clear energy from the body, mind and aura. This has been a universal energy healing medicine for over 50,000 years in all areas of the world.  To combine beautiful tones and percussion in a Sound Bath experience utilized two powerful healing elements at the same time. 

If you have as much resonance as many of Jeremy's sound bath participants with the vibe drum you are welcome to ask for a personal sound bath experience where this specific sound healing tool is utilized as a main focus. 

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