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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

Integrated Sound Immersion and Vital Energy Bath

*Every 3rd Wednesday at 7pm.

This event will include chanting with a drum, a gong and instruments, harmonium with voice, crystal singing bowls and a full variety of sacred sound instruments.

Engage your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies at this integrated event as Jeremy Anacker, a lifelong Transformation, Reiki and Aura Insight Specialist leads you into making space for you, all of your dimensions and the sacred power of sound.

Jeremy Anacker is a Professional Spiritual Channel who has a voice that resonates very well with the harmonium. Expect a standard array of instruments that is often utilized in group experiences. He is also a Reiki Master Practitoner Teacher, an Aura Seer and Intuitive Coach for Affinity Transformations.

Bring your readiness to let go and find peace along with a folded blanket or meditation cushion. If you prefer to sit in a chair there will be plenty available.