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Summon Higher Energies

Take a moment, close your eyes and imagine a freshly sliced lemon in your hand. Feel the texture of the lemon skin and its wet juice on your fingers. Imagine biting into the lemon slice. Sit with this image and its effects on your taste buds. Do your taste buds go sour with the recognizable taste of a lemon? You have just summoned a certain experience in your mouth with the conscious application of an intentional thought. While we all have experiences with lemons, it’s easy to relate with creating this type of effect. How do you call on the type of higher energies that change your internal energetic environment or the quality of charge in your bodies energy field?

When I was a first year college student I was very interested in how the mind can effect experiences in the body. I remember thinking of the word “peace” over and over again for long periods of time until I felt a shift in my mood or energy level. I know that I was unleashing positive chemicals from my brain but it also became clear that I was calling on a higher energy that was an aspect of the energetic universe.

When I want to call on spirit guides for help they show up for me with just a thought. If you are just beginning your journey with this style of guided development I recommend that you use intentional mindsets and ask supreme source for assistance. For instance, sit comfortably in a chair, relax, neutralize your mind and body by giving it mindful attention and repeat a phrase such as, “Supreme source, please give me assistance on my healing, awakening and on my intention to live a fully conscious, abundant and vital life. I am open for your guidance and for the guidance from your agents and ambassadors of the celestial realms”. The highest dimension of the universe will gladly send the most appropriate celestial being that will be able to give you assistance on your journey.

You are invited to come along to our Channeling Experience tomorrow evening where you can meet one or guides from the higher celestial realms. I have been a full channel for these uplifting healing energies and wisdom beings for many years. I work very diligently to provide great clear energy and a useful setting for healing and awakening to occur.

For assistance on connecting more consciously with helpers and your higher intuitions please do not hesitate to contact me for a series of individual sessions or to set up a related class that will fit your needs.

Channeling Experiences

Do you want to learn about the amazing benefits of channeling? Experience it for yourself. Join us for an intuitive experience hosted by Jeremy where he'll be a willing human antennae for divine enegy and wisdom. You'll learn about yourself as a soul and a spiritual being and about compelling and useful ways of seeing the universe. Tell your friends!

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