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Sound Healing Breakthrough

I recently did a Sound Healing and Sound Bath with a long time client. I noticed that the bottom half of her energy field was under utilzed. This was due in large part to the fact that she has a very intellectual job as a project manager of a software company. I mentioned that this is also presenting because she resists activities that would take her beyond her very strong mental energy process. 

She admitted that it would be good for her to go out for walks, even if it was with her 1 year old in her arms. I mentioned that there could be other ways that she could get beyond her strong mental energy pattern as well. For instance she could do artwork, or go back to her yoga practice. She was in a resistant state as it was hard for her to imagine doing some things that would benefit her energy in this way. She admitted that it's often hard to put her mind down as she had a lot of concerns about her life and her future. 

She testified to some profound breakthroughs right after receiving her private Sound Healing and Sound Bath session. During the session she was lifted into a beautific energy space and it was very easy for her to imagine one thing after the other that would be very fun for her to do. She imagined including her daughter in the process as well. For instance as she already goes to tumbling class with her daughter on Monday nights, she could see herself practicing some of the tumbling routines between classes and during the week days. She also realized that she could easily coax her husband to go out dancing with her once in a while on the weekends. 

The peaceful states that are often created in a Sound Healing and Sound Bath Session create many benefits on many levels. This session was one very clear example. 

Sound Healing and Sound Bath Opportunities

These Sound Therapy Groups Create Peace

Sign up now as we have limited seats. Jeremy will surprise you with the unique variet of sound healing instruments and his ability to play them with great skill and knowledge of his craft. 

A Personal Sound Healing Session 

You can call is a Sound Healing, a Sound Bath or Sound Therapy. Sessions with Jeremy are a way to get great Intuitive Coaching while also recieving a powerful blessings from his Reiki Practice and his amazing Sound Healing Instruments.