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Crystal Singing Bowl, Gong and Sound Meditations

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The Affinity Transformations Healing Space is dedicated to the healing and awakening process. Sound healing experiences are an encouraging way to access meditative states of mind.

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6 Benefits of a Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation

I have been including this amazing healing tool in many of my individuals sessions and I am so excited to share what I have discovered. I invite you to read through the following article and also to experience the healing effects of crystal singing bowls, gongs and other similar sacred instruments. Scroll down to find out more. 

Crystal singing bowls use harmonious vibration to effect a persons brain, body energy, chakras and aura. They are one aspect of a large variety of sound healing options that includes the use of gongs, crystal harps, crystal bells, crystal chimes, tongue drums, rain sticks and rain drums. All of these tools are powerful healing tools as they invite the individual into peaceful and harmonious states of mind and body. When you experience a sound tool such as crystal singing bowls expect to relieve stress, improve your health, increase your life satisfaction, experience greater joy and achieve overall wellness. 

Crystal singing bowls are made of quartz and their tones are created to positively effect the chakra energy centers and aspects of the overall aura energy field.  Among these positive effects are chakra clearing, repairing, balancing and realignments. A recipient of a crystal singing bowl session is facilitated into a greater state of energy flow as energy blocks are cleared and a greater flow of ecstatic joy energy manifests. As blocks are removed physical and emotional issues are often handles in a very natural and effortless way. I have created a list of 6 main benefits of crystal singing bowl meditations and sound healing sessions. 

1. Effective Relaxation

Crystal chakra singing bowls produces high quality vibrational tones that enters the body through nerve endings on the skin. The peaceful influence from the tones effects the flow of elecromagnetic energy that runs throughout the body. Soothing tones takes away tension and creates a potent and effective state of relaxation. 

2. Anxiety Relief

The tones created in a crystal bowl healing session replaces mental static, perplexing, cycling and fixation. When this occurs the individuals mind is free of anxiety. One can imagine that the resonant sound of the bowls synchronizes with the participants brainwaves. A sublime and peaceful mental state effortlessly manifests and thus anxiety melts away. 

3. Balanced Chakras

Crystal singing bowls are created to be a vibrational match to each of the 7 main chakras. These chakras are vibrational centers for the many dimensions of your functional and spiritual self. The use of the bowls effectively tuned tones facilitates a greater discovery of higher inner attributes such as knowing, vision, expression, unconditional love, personal and universal power, relational creativity and a more unshakeable sense of safety. For healthy function and continued growth it is important to keep the the chakras cleared, balanced, aligned and in tune. 

4. A Better Immune System

Research continuously produces evidence that mental states and harmonious energy environments such as ones created by crystal singing bowls positively effects brain chemistry and the healthy functioning of the physical body. An immune system stimulated by greater energy flow and an increase of positive chemicals from the brain begins to work better. 

5. A Healthy the Body

The physical body is made up of energy. When this energy is harmonious the bodies innate healing energy is better able to produce very clear effects in the body. High vibration frequencies that are produced from crystal singing bowls turns on the super intelligent resources within the deeper aspects of the energetic body. It is in this way that one can expect relief from joint pain, mental cloudiness, poor circulation, digestion issues, chronic pain and much more. 

6. Soul Discovery and Development

Crystal singing bowls utilizes an approach to healing, self discovery and greater awareness that has been around since ancient times. Your own soul is connected to the countless souls of ancient and current times that have felt the powerful invitation from sacred sounds. With the use of these sacred tones your soul feels called to greater depths of recognition and remembrance. Let your awareness go on a journey using the sedative healing tones of a crystal singing bowl facilitation. 

In current times, a remarkably increasing number of individuals are in need of more natural approaches to health and wellness. There are many who have difficult experiences with various medical procedures or medications that merely deal with the physical symptoms rather than the deeper causes. Many of these medical procedures or medication are invasive and have very negative side effects. 

For these and many more reasons so many people are turning towards sound therapy, energy awareness and vibration awareness to improve their level of wellness. Using crystal singing bowls and sound healing techniques are getting more popular daily. As I am so excited by the benefits that I that I see in my clients and participants it is a joy to offer group and individual crystal singing bowl meditations and sound healing experiences. 

The Benefits of Sound Healing

See another article by Jeremy on the enormous benefits of sound healing. See calendar for the next crystal singing bowl, gong and sound meditation event. 

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