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Shaman Gong and Sound Bath

The image to your right shows the light refracting off of the amazing 26" Shaman Gong also shows a picture of the 40" Lava Gong. Gongs clear energy. They can also help a person ground themselves into the moment. They can be played very softly and with great strength for great energetic impact. 

I had to take a quick picture of the colorful refraction of the Shaman Gong. The splash of green, blue, blue green, yellow and pink really represents the amazing healing sound that this sound instrument presents when it it played. 

In Asia, Hmong shamans need sound instraments such this during a trance in order to conduct ua neeb healing ceremonies involving the spiritual world. The Gong is used so that when the bad spirits hear it, they will go away and not bother the shaman. 

Each instrument is needed in order for the shamans to successfully go to the spirit world. Without one of them or a mistake in setting up the tools, a shaman cannot go because his or her spiritual healers won't be able to guide them through the ceremony. 

You have the opportunity to experience the journey, the healing and the power of this an other similar instruments at a Sound Healing or Sound Bath at Affinity Transformations.