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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

Madison Sound Collective at Electric Love Yoga

Singing Bowl and Gong facilitation by Krista Pfohl

Gong and Crystal Harp Facilitation by Jeremy Anacker

Cost: $30 

Singing Bowl and Gong Meditations use Vibrational healing to alleviate stress, anxiety, depression and shift energetic blocks. Singing bowls and other instruments create a peaceful and restorative environment for powerful transformation! What to Expect Once you arrive, you'll be greeted into the space and be shown where to settle in. Please bring a yoga mat and/or blanket to allow for a more comfortable experience. After a brief introduction, the session begins with a short centering to ground into the space. Krista plays singing bowls and a variety of instruments for powerful vibrational healing.

60 Minutes

$30 Adult - Please register and pay at this link

$20 Youth 12-17 - Please register and pay at this link

Group capacity held at 25

Krista Pfohl, is a certified Reiki Master Practitioner Teacher and owner of The Awakened Center LLC and Luna Frequency Reiki.

Jeremy Anacker, is a certified Reiki Master Practitioner Teacher, Aura Seer, and owner of Affinity Transformations and Reiki Healing Madison.