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Gong and Sound Healing Events

Truly sacred and sublime tones and rhythms

By Krista Pfohl and Jeremy Anacker

We are both very dedicated to the direct discovery of the sacred in life and in our own selves. We are also very good long term friends who have dedicated themselves to creating uplifting and transormative sound meditation events

We are excited to share with you our enormous enthusiasm for one aspect of our sacred sound meditation experiences, the use of gongs as sacred tools for energetic upgrades and energy clearing. 

The oldest undisputed historical mention of gongs can be found in sixth century AD Chinese records, which mentioned it as a foreign instrument that came from a country between Tibet and Burma. The term gong originated in the Indonesian island of Java. Ancient monks used gongs as way to transmit healing vibrations and life force energy in both shamanic healing sessions and during group meditation events. Gongs were also a symbol of spiritual power and were often used to call in the assistance from healing spirits. Additionally, the gong was, and to some extent still is, an important symbol of the status and success of families in various Asian cultures.