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Experience Channeling

You are invited to a truly sublime experience as Jeremy has been a gifted channel of celestial energy for the many years of his journey as a mentor and teacher for healing and spiritual awakening. See more about Channneling.

ABOUT THE RHAMMAH TEACHINGS WHO IS RHAMMAH – Rhammah is a voice from the heart of Oneness. To the best of our understanding, they are energetic entities of a vast consciousness who exist in Infinite Eternal Oneness. That which speaks as Rhammah has explained that the group of masters are present and interacting with us during discourses. In over five years of loving, respectful, and compassionate sharing of wisdom there is no evidence that the Rhammah group desires any form of devotion or wants disciples or followers. There is no intent to found a path, a theology, or an organization of any kind. Rhammah shares great wisdom but does not get involved in directing anyone’s life or asking people to take up practices or make lifestyle changes. Rhammah honors everyone. He comes to assist humanity in its conscious and spiritual evolution.

HOW THE WISDOM IS DELIVERED: The wisdom of Rhammah is spoken through the body of a man named Jeremy Anacker. Jeremy has the ability to consciously leave his body and allow the voice of the Rhammah Masters to speak through and animate his body. This is known as full-body channeling. Rhammah refers to Jeremy as the Host. The eyes never open during the event, although Rhammah can get up, walkabout, interact with those present and interact with objects in the room, all with precision and without normal sight. When Jeremy returns to his body he does not know what has been said or done by Rhammah. Since childhood, Mr. Anacker has had the ability to see and hear non-embodied entities and has other psychic abilities. He is also able to fully see the human aura and energy patterns not generally visible to others. For over 30 years Mr. Anacker has studied Reiki, energy healing, and a variety of studies on higher conscious states. He is a humble, considerate teacher and healer in his own life.

THE NATURE OF THE WISDOM: No matter what the questions or the human events referred to, Rhammah’s wisdom is aimed at helping us humans understand the bigger picture of infinite eternal reality. These are Masters who exhibit great patience with our human limits. We are being taught to understand ourselves in an entirely different frame of reference. This is the reference of our true reality and identity as infinite, eternal beings of energy and consciousness. The Rhammah wisdom aligns with some parts of traditional spiritual beliefs, but mostly it takes our understanding vastly beyond current understandings and existing paradigms. Rhammah’s discourses are a window into the perspective of our unlimited eternal life as divine consciousness. He constantly reaffirms our true reality and encourages us to view everything from the perspective of Oneness. And constantly Rhammah teaches us, reminds us that we are everything that he and the masters of the group are, we are what God the One is, what all is. What can one say of a master who speaks of the vast gentle love of universes colliding? What can one say of Master Beings of such expanded comprehension and elevated kindness that they would come simply to share knowledge and understanding so that we might have the opportunity to evolve? Surely we are blessed!