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A place for Crystal Singing Bowl Sessions and Sacred Sound Meditation Events

Jeremy Anacker, a life long enthusiast for all that creates healing and awakening benefits is also an individual of unstoppable creativity. His Crystal Singing Bowl Meditations are of very high quality while his intutive gifts are utilized for the creation of delightful and surprising sacred sound compositions. 

The rich beautiful tones that come from Jeremy's singing bowls will surround, penetrate and remind you of the amazing peaceful reality of your own spirit. 

These bowls resonate with one another and create exquisit and complex sound landcapes.

Jeremy's Gold Crystal Singing Bowl is made of high quality Quartz Crystal with a metallic gold inlay. This particular bowl is uniquely designed to create a pleasant, calming atmosphere. With long sustain and a spreading, spherical tone, this bowl's aura can be felt in the physical and subtle bodies.

All of these bowls are True Tone, or Perfect Pitch, meaning they are either right on or very close to their exact notes when tested with a tuner.

In order to fully appreciate the full, deep rich tones of these Crystal Singing Bowls Jeremy has found importance in bringing beautiful sound contrasts to sound healing session or event. 

One contrasting sound tool that is more than noteworthy is Jeremy's Cosmic Light Crystal Harp. The Crystal Tubes create the music and frequencies that are helpful in the same way as traditions such as shamanic or kabalist healing have been to countless individuals for thousands of years. 

This Crystal Harp is the kind of musical instrument that can be used for treatment, which helps practitioners to clarify the mind in order to achieve a state of deep meditation. All of these Crystal Tuning Forks are made of high-purity quartz crystal, they naturally contain the ability to energize, clear, and enhance the energy in any environment, making them incredibly resonant.

The tones produced by the Crystal Harp are not only heard by the ear, but they can also be felt in the body. These tones move through our body in vibrant waves, calming, realigning, and healing the energy centers. Modern medical research is continuously validating the use of sacred sound tools such as these for the discovery of mental, emotional and spiritual balance. 

Crystal Singing Bowls and a Crystal harp are unique and wonderful aspects of a large array of sacred sound instruments that might be utilized in a sound healing session, a sound meditation event or a private sound healing group at Affinity Transformations.

You are invited to try out a Personal Session, to gather your friends for a Private Sound Healing Group or to participate in a Crystal Singing Bowl, Gong and Sound Healing Event. Pay special attention to special events such as the Collaborative Sound Collective events that present as places such as Picnic Point or Electric Love Yoga Studio. 

It's easy to sign up and enroll for any of these opportunities. Please feel free to contact Jeremy with any questions that you might have about the upcoming opportunities that are being offered. 

See below for more details. 

Crystal Singing Bowl, Gong and Sound Healing Offerings

Crystal Singing Bowl, Gong and Sound Healing Sessions

 Receive a sound blessing and sound massage that includes crystal singing bowls, 2 40" Gongs, a 26" Shaman Gong, a crystal harp, a crystal pyramid, a rain stick, a crystal bell and more as you rest on a Reiki table.

Crystal Singing Bowl, Gong and Sound Healing Events

Group experiences employ the power of collective energy while the use of sacred sound tools assist in creating the resonance and the magnification that really works to uplift, heal and renew. 

Private Crystal Singing Bowl, Gong and Sound Healing Sessions 

Setting up a Private Group Session is as easy as clicking a button. It's not only a lot of fun to gather your friends it also makes the blessing much more affordable.  

Madison Sound Collective

Krista Pfohl, founder of The Awakened Center and Jeremy have been teaming up to create beautiful and harmonious sound meditation experiences in the Madison area. Krista is a premier sound healer in the Madison area. Click above and find out more. Krista and Jeremy together will not disappoint.