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Aura Awereness and Reiki

Intuitive senses are a natural development as you become a seasoned Reiki Practitioner. Jeremy Anacker was always able to see energy in and around all living things. His work of over 30 years with energy work has facilitated exceptional levels of intuitive of ability. 

Have you ever noticed how your energy level changes when you are around certain people? It’s easy enough to pay attention to how much a person smiles or how they compose themselves as a way to study the correlations between who you are with and how good you are feeling. Recently, I attended a gratitude focus group and as individuals spoke on the designated topic I noticed how smiles broke on the individuals faces and how laughter began to fill the room. I felt my energy level go up. I felt more vital. The type tracking that I am now speaking to is a great lead in to the experiential discovery of the energy fields in and around the body and the energy healing method known as Reiki.

Reiki in its original form is a very simple touch healing technique that was rediscovered by a man named Dr Usui. The word Reiki translated to English from Japanese means universal life force energy. With the help of an Attunement process the method utilizes an individuals innate ability to transmit uplifting enegy to others in a very sacred way. As one learns this practice she often feels warmth, tingling or charges of energy at different points in thier practice. As you sit with this fact we are at a great point that leads to aura awareness.

Energy often flows through a person who is practicing Reiki. The practitioner can often feel this fact in their own body. This is also true for the healee as resting and receiving Reiki is a great way to experience harmony or higher vibration. There are also times where the person on the table has a breakthrough and there is energy flowing out in such a way it energetically uplifts the Reiki practitioner. I have experienced these two phenomena and many others as a lifelong practitioner of Reiki. As a lifelong practitioner of the Reiki touch healing method, and as a person who easily senses and sees the energy patterns and the aura I have many things to share about how energy fields and the aura works as a person evolves in their healing and awakening journey. Some of the points that I emphasize and coach around are presented in the below drawing and in the videos of an Aura Feedback session below. Thank you Jeanne for being so willing to participate in this exemplary video. You are also welcome to participate in an upcoming event that relates to aura awareness, healing and awakening. It is very naturally for me to weave my own energy awareness into every class that I lead and participate in. 

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Show up in person for the free class and at 5:15pm then stay for the 6pm Reiki Sharing and experience the Reiki blessing for yourself. It's only $10!