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34" Grotto Sonora Harp Gong Sound Healings and Sound Baths

A Thrilling and Unique Sound Healing Innovation

Affinity Transformations offers an experience of two types of Grotto Sonora Gongs. For more details on the origin of this brand of gong see article on the 40" Grotto Sonora Gong. These products of Italian craftsmanship are truly inspiring, both visually and for listening.

This sound healing tool is an innovative, chimeric, a blend of instrumental styles united to create a truly unique instrument. The gong is made in the style of what is known as a Deep Gong meaning that the depth of the gong from the front face more distance than most gongs. This helps the gong to vibrate more easily and in its very unique way. There are pegs and and tighteners with strings across the face, creating a harp across the top half of the face.

The Grotto Sonora Harp Gong is an exquisitely crafted mind opening sound healing and sound bath tool combining the features of harp and gong, where the gong work as sound box for the harp. The harp strings, when tuned to the fundamental tuned note of the gong, resonate with the gong and its harmonics creating its unique and fascinating sound.

You are invited to experience a personal or group sound healing and sound bath for yourself.