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Free Chakra and Aura Balancing Class with $20 Mini Aura Feedback Sessions

Receive knowledge and instruction from Jeremy Anacker a lifelong healer, aura seer and spiritual enthusiast on how to clear your chakras and aura. See calendar or inquire contact Jeremy to schedule a class that fits your schedule. 

Knowledge about the chakras and the aura is for so many a doorway to the many dimensions of thier total energy self and greater spiritual nature. 

At Affinity Transformations Jeremy Anacker provides a comprehensive understanding of the main 7 chakras of the energy body and personalized insights for class participants as Jeremy has been able to see the human aura since he was a child.  

Jeremy also specializes in a unique awareness of how the overall aura corelates with the 7 main chakras as the dynamics between each of these territories are intimately connected. 

The Human Aura is a balloon of energy around the physical body. It is a dimension of the personal self that directly reflects ones attitude, and spiritual awareness. Education on this topic reveals a correlation between consciousness and health, and between mindsets and life circumstances. If a person is locked into heavy thought patterns such as shame, guilt, apathy, resentment etc., he/she is more likely to be sick, get into an accident or be a victim of a crime. If one is dedicated to being an aware and uplifted person, life begins to seem easy and it seems to reveal itself as a miraculous and synchronistic dance. Opportunities, wellness and fulfillment begin to come spontaneously and effortlessly.

When one joins a circle of fellow spiritual aspirants, the likely hood of uplifting shifts and life changing realizations dramatically increases. As we address the aura directly we become aware of our actual vibrational reality. We become more willing to shift awareness and to do practices that invigorate energy flows, increase energetic vibration, create balance, clear toxic clusters and more. This class will give you insight and strategies that are designed to assist you in this process.

Information and contemplation on how our vibration works is also a central theme of this class. As Jeremy uses his awareness of energy fields, he facilitates the group towards a vibrational unity that heals and empowers the participants. At times individual auras are read as a means to help reveal one's actual subtle nature and to comprehensively tell the story of the empowering dance that consciousness work can deliver.


Jeremy has been able to see into the subtle world of energy and consciousness all of his life. Energy seeing experiences lead him to an in-depth study of wisdom and insight at a transformational learning school in Milwaukee called The Institute of Self Awareness. This work has helped him to continue the development of his intuitive abilities, his healing practice and his ability to do powerful attitudinal facilitations.

Jeremy has the rare gift of fully seeing the energy fields (called the aura) that surrounds the human body. He begins a session with a short question and answer period where the client's responses and phrases contain vibrations and visual patterns that will help him focus on the issues that client's need to address.

Because Jeremy detects and mirrors back energetic patterns that impede one's life process and one's sense of possibility, participants can walk away energized, empowered, uplifted and more spiritually aware. The insights which Jeremy attunes to are focused on clearing away patterns and blocks so that healing may happen more readily.


During any style of healing session, whether it may be Reiki, Crystal Singing Bowl, Gong and Sound Healing, or and Integrated Healing Session Jeremy will give be glad to include clearing and individual aura seeing insights.

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Jeremy has been able to see the human aura for his entire lifetime. He spent over 20 years with early pioneers in the Reiki community and developed his awareness and intuitive abilities at thier specialty school and in his own practice.