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Collaborate with Community

We are a community of like minds with a vision that when acted on will bring greater light to others and ultimately the world. 

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Using Intention and Collaboration

What makes a strategic forum of ideas truly successful? Is it all about having a great set of individuals in the room collaborating? Is the process only as good as the vision that is chosen for the group? I am convinced that a shared vision is the most important thing. A shared vision aligns the groups collective energies and also draws out the deepest creative intelligence from each individual. I believe that a more conscious and devoted use of vision would not only upgrade an individuals quality of life but would also upgrade any group, community or larger social system. In other words, it’s really time to believe in the conscious use of vision. It’s good for our individual lives and it’s good for the world. 

When the use of vision is applied authentically, materialistic and social gains will more naturally manifest. After all, if I have a vision that inspires me and feels spiritually valuable, it is natural to focus and stay engaged with the necessary set of tasks. When I am inspired, I am more inspiring and I energetically attract the right individuals and more opportunities. Manifesting becomes more easy and natural when I have a vision that works for me spiritually. In group settings, if there is a strong mutual vision, the group has better moral. If everyone feels connected to the collective vision the potential of that group increases in its ability to manifest a more unlimited range of possibilities. 

Strategy Forum for Healers and Intuitive Entrepreneurs

Whether you are just starting your awakening journey and have questions on how to embody yourself in the world as it is or or whether you are a seasoned healer or intuitive who would benefit from various forms of collaboration this event is for you.

This event will be lead with a 15 minute possibility meditation experience by Jeremy Anacker, Affinity Transformations Director and it will be an open forum for questions and discussion on what it takes to create a thriving intuitive and healing practice.

*You deserve to learn, connect and grow into your full potential. Reach out to this community of like minds and team up in ways that will benefit everyone involved.