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Reiki Level 2 Attunement

Prepare for 3 hours of class.

Cost - Up to 1 week prior event = $150

After 1 week prior to event = $170

REIKI LEVEL 2 ATTUNEMENT: After a participant completes the first level of Reiki and has already allowed for the Reiki Level 1 Attunement to change their energy field and integrate for 21 or more days it can be time to Attune to a next level of capacit to utilize the Universal Life Force Energy. This next level of Attunement is likely to focus on thier capacity to provide an absentee healing along with learning symbols that help to amplify 

Reiki is a very simple healing tradition that was rediscovered by a very open-minded Christian Minister who also extensively studied Buddhism in the late 1800's. The main intention of the attunement is to affirm and attune the aspiring healer's connection to the all-powerful and every-where-present life force aka Reiki. This is also a very powerful opportunity to strengthen your ability to play healer in your community as you will be lead through the process by a committed and capable healer.

I really enjoy offering Attunements and it is such a great opportunity for spiritual growth, learning, and a complete alignment to your healing capacities. I have been active in this work for over 30 years.

AUDITS: If you already have your Reiki Level 2 Attunement you are invited to come by for discounted rate for as low as $25. Learn about the Original Style as given by my teacher, the first Reiki Master in Wisconsin, Helen Borth. An audit will give you insights into the first ways Reiki was presented as it came into the United States with the original 22 Reiki Masters. These original teachers were trained under Hawayo Takata from Hawaii. You will also be given guidance on how to stay in an authentic space about practicing Reiki as there are discoveries in consciousness and energy that enhance the power and benefits as it relates to mindstyle and trust.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.



Jeremy Anacker

Reiki Master Practitioner Teacher

Aura Seer Consultant

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