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Crystal Singing Bowl, Gong and Sound Meditation

Learn about the powerful benefits of sound healing and meditation through direct experience.

Sacred Sound and rhythm are universal tools utilized in shamanic and healing traditions from all over the world for many thousands of years. If you explore the discoveries lead by Albert Einstein and the realm of Quantum Physics it will become a fundamental fact that you are energy patterning. On a more physical level you have patterns of electromagnetic energy running through your brain and body. These patterns of energy can present in less harmonious ways. The application of sound and rhythmic meditation work introduces harmonious patterns of energy to the nerve ending on the skin of your physical body.

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Jeremy Anacker is a life long healer and intuitive who has extensive knowledge and experience with energy healing, reiki, intentional medicine and a large variety of healing traditions. His 20 years of study with a community of healers and intuitive individuals honed his ability to call on very high forms of energy and vibration. Jeremy will call supreme source intelligence while also leading individuals through a unique and innovative ceremony that honors the many traditions of the world while also bringing his own intuitive developments.

For Jeremy this journey has included the ability to see patterns in the energy. Full Aura Seers are rare, and one who can harness this ability into a useful tool for transformation is very special. When Jeremy does Intuitive Healing work on a person, he incorporates his gift of Auric Seeing to help in pinpointing the areas of the energy field that needs shifted, and he is better able to facilitate this process.

Limited patterns in a person’s energy field create shapes, imbalances and interruptions which are visible to a gifted seer. When a treatment is given from an attuned individual, a boost occurs in both the 'healer' and the 'healee." This energy can be a valuable asset in attaining greater wellness, emotional balance, personal empowerment, peace and more. Profound transformation often occurs if a participant surrenders limited ideas about themselves. Insight into energy patterns can help one take charge of a benefit that is created during the energy session. It is this added component that can make Intuitive Healing Sessions with Jeremy powerful and extremely useful.