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Discourses from the Rhammah Channeling

In September of 2020, the Rhammah Masters channeled an exceptional discourse. They revealed information, some of which had not been revealed before. They spoke about the realm they claim is their home base, a place they call One Degree South of God. We believe this is not so much a physical realm as it indicated more of a proximity to the ultimate state of Oneness, of the Source of All. The following are excerpts from that remarkable discourse. It begins with an “origin of creation” account.  

Once upon a time there was an indivisible, undifferentiated, infinitely potent field of essence. This infinitely potent and infinitely pregnant field of essence ushered energy out from itself through thought. A gathering of essence began and that increase of complexity gave birth to more complexity. This process went on and on. Just like the waters on your planet, it found a way down the mountains of created substance.  

Spirit is a super responsive, super cohesive, super lasting, and infinitely fluid thing. It can play as fire, and it can play as earth, wind, water. The realm that we have been calling “One Degree South of God” is the slight movement from the purity of Source to subtle differentiation. As humans you view Rhammah as a collective source of information. You ask if Rhammah is a personality? For you yes. But in our realm, communication is Being Itself. It is energy vibrating with being that.  

From where we come, there are no questions about what perception is right to have. There is just this beautiful energy. And we have a position of reflection with all density in our realm. We look upon the phenomenon of densified Source, and we look upon your arena of extreme density from that posture. Your posture is, in a sense, very distant from who and what we are. But, because you are a part of us, we are responsive to your shout-outs.  

You called to us and we picked up the phone. When you show up, the Host moves aside, and we show up. That happens because who you are in your essence is asking for sustenance, for remembrance. It is like the waters run down to the valley and they need to reflect on where they came from. Upon that reflection, they are in an evolving, changing essence.  

Where Rhammah comes from is beyond time. It is completely beyond time. And the truth we take you to is a style in infinity. It is an expression, and it is a specialty of the Rhammah masters which was developed in partnership with this dear Host. (Host refers to Jeremy Anacker who channels the Rhammah Masters.) His inclinations to study things were agreements that we made in the realm we came from. It took 10,000 years for us to give him instructions for this lifetime. We sat with the Host for 75 of your years while he was disembodied. He was a soul immersed with infinity, taken into nuance, into impressions that were vast regions of color and energetic qualities. We were teaching him in absolute abstractions.  

You who come to these sessions are a part of this dance, a part of this sewing of words. This creation, these words are made possible by agreements made long ago. In those 75 human years, the Host was with us for 10,000 years. You cannot get your head around that statement, but from our realm that is exactly the truth. Imagine taking a tall glass of beyond time from our realm. Then imagine taking a glass with 75 years of time in it. Now pour both glasses together into a third glass. Mix them and together, shake them up and they become 10,000 years. In the perception of time mixed with no time, there is a compromise. That is the best we can explain it to you. 

In the collective, on the immediate level, a compromise is underway. Are you a part of it, or are you propelling a war? In the realm of energy, there are fights until there are compromises. Compromise is collective destiny. And guess what? You cannot fight the compromise. You can fight for your camp, for your world view, and that is not entirely wrong. But right now, here with us, own your vibration and hold it up to the light. As you do this, the flickering of energy is given back to you by the light.  

From a space of higher consciousness, ask yourself to see how everyone can win. Get a sense of how every member of this planet can win. In the realm we come from, super intelligence has no problem with that question. But you are stuck in perceptions, and you want to know on the level of a human brain all the answers. But because of where we come from, because of how different it is from where you are, we cannot give you an answer on the level of your mind. We have a responsibility to teach you in such a way that you get delivered to a beautiful freedom and a useful embodiment.  

So imagine your entire body of thoughts hanging out with the sense of all beings on this planet. If you want them all to win somehow, you are enlisting for a committee. You are joining up with one of the great committees in the sky, with the great planners of the garden. The committees we speak of are laying the tracks for the next 10,000 years. They contemplate what this collective in total seems to be moving toward, seems to be after. For the collective of this planet is creating a destiny. And when there is more harmony, it is easier to come to a beneficial conclusion.   

That dance of your collective energy is mingled with the many beings in the non-physical. There are helpful entities and there are not so helpful entities. There are helpful energies being introduced into your planet, and not so helpful energies. The not so helpful energies try to keep certain structures and certain agendas from moving forward. They are in an argument, throwing a tantrum. Their energy is big and scary, but it is actually just a toddler’s way to function. How does such ingenious but immature energy influence you? It keeps you in argument and keeps the gathering of perceptions locked in.  

Those unhelpful energies and entities are locked into a temporary identity. They reside in collective ego and they love to fight. That type in collective unconscious loves to fight and there is a whole layer of that in what you are. You are plugged into humanity, and there is a part of you that loves to fight. Own that, and as you do you are unhooking influence from unhelpful entities, from the unhelpful influences that live around the planet. Even one being waking up out of those influences, that affects the whole.  

The evidence of an authentic movement of unhooking those manacles, of blocking the unhelpful ones, is joy in your heart. In that freedom, the winds blow through what you are, and your life feels more like poetry. The unhelpful ones convince you that a perception is fact, and then you get juicy around that idea. Scary, shocking things are said. But you are here in this circle to study intention, to study who you are in your essence. If you can do that, when you die you will be more buoyant.  

If you take on the challenges of these teachings, you will know about yourself as a great quality of love. The tone of this energy will lift into the ethers and travel through layers of reality towards the heavens and beyond. Do you want to know how many layers there are? There are many rooms in the heavens, and many universes to go to. You can have as many ordinary lives as you want. You can rise to more advanced level by helping other entities who are leaving their bodies to find the light. That is the next level, going beyond yourself and helping others ascend.  

There are layers, and layers, and layers until you get to One Degree South of God. That is the last stop. It is beyond all the cities of light. And there are many layers that are various cities of light in the celestial. But then, there is the last stop of differentiation before there is only power, which is the infinite power of One God Source. And the many ways that ineffable pure essence is organized changes constantly. It is very liquid and super responsive to every individual.  

If you really want a shot at those highest places, these teachings are all about that. All the ways you are organized and everything you feel, that is true from the human point of view. But you can learn to take the human point of view and let it fall apart, let it go back to essence when this body dies. If you really have that down, you will come to the realm of Rhammah. And the realm of Rhammah is just a transition point into the Absolute, the Infinite, the ineffable pure essence of undifferentiated Godhead.  

We are teaching you about the super responsive universes. And this level of density acts as training for other levels of lighter density. At those levels, the universe is even more responsive to your intentions and thoughts. On this third dimensional planet, things happen slower and there are intelligences at work which you are not aware of. So be wary of teachings which insist that you can put the universe in your pocket and make it do what you want. You are given a contract upon each birth. Filling that contract is necessary to go into a higher harmony, a greater wisdom.  

Do you really want to deliver yourself to the highest places upon your death? If so, then turn towards those who are the feeblest, who have the most need, and give them compassionate energy. Find those who are in the deepest places of sorrow and famine, and give them good energy. Make friends with death itself, for death itself is simply a door to the unknown that you are getting used to. Find many ways to let yourself be unpacked in perception, many ways to stay open here in your density.  

The more you do that, the more you will be able to stay in alignment with the unknown regions of the beyond. As the beloved lives in each of you who hear these words, so the beloved lives in every member of this planet. Your collective has a destiny. Discover your place in that ultimate destiny. For your choices, your life and its intentions do not just influence humanity, they travel across eons. As your heart becomes this aligned, as it becomes this true, you join in the Councils of the Highest Heavens. You become members of that circle, for you are saving yourself a seat when you lose your body. Strive to become a part of that highest intelligence. Study lessons for preparing yourself, indeed! 

Dear Beloved, come to the light NOW. Reveal a way of heart, an embodiment of mind that is reverent to all life, reverent to the entire collective of creation. Connect to and revere the Councils that advocate from the highest heavens. There is a layer of heaven with a giant roundtable. And every member at the table has a beautiful, kingly and queenly garment. Those garments are a play of the highest quality of energy. To look upon that, you’d think they were made of white gold, or yellow gold interlaced. It is not armor, but rather the essence of super intelligence, a golden way of being and knowing.  

The masters of that roundtable are eyeballing humanity over thousands of years. So whatever you are sweating through now, it is a course correction. Humanity has been going this way, but the committee says it needs to go that way. Some humans imagine that everything you are going through is orchestrated by evil forces. What if it is all being orchestrated through the members of this High Council?  

The beauty of that is so captivating. If you fully understood it, you would be more willing to live this life here as it is. You would be grateful to play a part in it. You’d say, “I will go through all the hardships and experience these hardships with my family and peers. I will align with this collective experience, because it is going to mean higher things.” If you realized, you would say, “I will remain courageous and in the trust of the Universe. I will remain in the place where I draw on the master, and in so doing, I become a student of the unknown. I will turn towards its wisdom rather than wanting to know correct perceptions, wanting to know how to be super knowledgeable. It is time to be super empty, super free, super responsive, super new and super conscious.”  

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